نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006


well, i have been spending too much time in this computer room, trying to sort out my 3000-words essay, which until now is still merely 500 words long.

with week 18 of the academic term starting on this coming monday, my final-year-project related experiments have to be completed and concluded within next week.

with all deadlines coming up, i am still in this computer room, going to google video website, looking for more conspiracy videos..

well, i guess, conspiracy would not benefit us as much as other things.. however, there's this small part of me who really wants to know all this extra out-of-the-world theories and speculations.

i hate to say this.. but i simply do no want my children to come up to me one day, telling me that i am so stupid to believe in the US government version of 911 or JFK assassination.. the conspiracies may not benefit you as much, but at least, it will not make you look stupid if they are proven true..



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