نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

What consitutes muslim extremist?

I had a good chat with my boss today. It was about how I could plan for my progress in the company. There are few ways, but there are things partially outside my control, that may dampen my climbing up the ladder.

1) My appearance: Apparently many people perceived me as a thug, due to the way I dress etc. I cannot correct them in any way, since I'd have to agree that I do appear rather scruffy on daily basis. Well, I cycle to work anyway. And what's the point of dressing, when the first thing I'd do when I get to office is take Shower and change into coverall (the mechanic suit / jumpsuit). But I do dress to the occasions, when there is formal dinner with external parties etc. But yep, I'd have to change that.

2) My joke: Some people believe that I have been cracking wrong jokes many times too often. Maybe gay jokes, maybe others, I do not know. But yep, I'd have to agree. Sometimes we are not aware of other people sensitivities, that we may go a little too far. Yep, I agree, and I could apologise to anyone offended, if anyone wants to step forward.

3) My Islamic extremism: This is one part I could not really comprehend. I was informed that some managers were not comfortable when I invite them to prayer, not that I can think of any manager that I ever invited to pray together. This was not the first time I was told this. My boss's boss's did tell me once that some non-muslims in the company think I am an extremist. Another manager (nonmuslim) from another department thought the same, when I told her I have never had sex, and I pray 5 times a day.

I am still not sure if that defines muslim extremist, but hell, that sure be something that may increase the number of extremists we have in the country a little bit too much. And sadly, this is the perception some non-muslims in the company have. Is it because I do not fancy going to the cinema with them often? Or is it something else? Well, I do not know.

I hardly speak of my religion to the non-muslims here, but I do engage with my catholic friends in constructive discussion from time to time. Sometimes, religions are seen as taboo here, that none has the courage to talk about them. How are we supposed to form a nation, when we don't even know each other's belief.

One colleague said this is cabaran dakwah, but sometimes life is difficult. No-one said I was extremist when I went around dating different girls on different weeks. No-one said I was abnormal when I committed sins day in day out. Yet I am labeled one, just when I paid more attention to my religious duties, and try to cut down on my unlawful acts.

Allah... And this is the one bit that really makes me wanting to find jobs somewhere else.. huhuhu...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your stories scare me. Never thought it will be that challenging to be a good muslim in my very own country.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, one thing you could tell them is how Tony Blair had recently (yesterday, on BBC) set up a 'Blair's Faith Foundation' in the US

He has yet to make some statements to the institution, but there were some questions that some analyst had try to answer themselves.

Q:Why in the US? He's the former UK PM.
A:People claimed that he once mentioned that faith is a more integral part in one's life and community in the US, rather than the UK. More and more people in the UK tend to dissociate themselves with faith, year after year.

He's eyeing to be based in the New York, where the big guns of global economic players are in. He hoped that if the world renowned figures could show some good example in practising faith, so can the others follow.

Q: Why faith, of all things in the world that he could preach?
A: He himself is a religious person, and he believe that faith can contribute to something good in the community.

Q: Is he going to preach 'his faith' (Christianity) through this Foundation?
A: No, instead, he will promote the goodness of having faith in God in general.

Q: Is this Foundation just another institution that could build up his popularity?
A: That is what some people might be tempted to say, but Blair has a more interesting agenda. One of his 3 years short-term plan is to solve global poverty problem with faith!!!

10:02 PM  

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