نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I got back from PD yesterday. My two-day trip, for some reasons, was extended for another day.

Overall, it was a really good trip. SHELL put me in a very comfy room for the first night, and even more luxurious the following night.

The first night, I met the MD of the plant in the mosque before the tarawih prayer. I left early, not waiting for the moreh. Did not have the opportunity to talk to him much.

Attended a fast-breaking dinner at another hotel the following night, also paid by SHELL. After having the dates and few sweets, the boss suggested that we perform the prayer first. Everyone just followed him to the prayer room.

Drove back yesterday, and am sure that PD is a good place to kick off my career.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Are Those Who Cannot Speak English = Stupid?

This idea came across my mind yesterday, while talking to my mum and sister. My sister is trying to improve her english, and for that reason my mum wants everyone to converse in english at home.

Well I don't mind talking in english at all. But I was wondering if there is any reason why in most cases anak melayu who were born and bred in the UK can hardly speak malay, while the arabs mostly do not face a similar problem.

Talking about Amani and her statement, it was weird that somewhat this person gave out the statement. It shows the level of education of somewhat. An educated person will never make such statement. Only those of less education, have a very narrow view on things, and belief there is only one indication of one's intelligence, and that is by talking in English.

My point is, are those who can speak english really well clever? Well, if you have the opportunity to study abroad, you'll find that:

1) Cleaners speak english
2) Bus drivers speak english
3) Receptionists speak english
4) Cab drivers speak english
5) Beggars speak english
6) Homeless people speak english
7) Drug addicts speak english
8) Prostitutes speak english.. very well

With no disrespect for many of these people, are we still saying that those who speak english well, are really brilliant and have been brought up really well? There are thousands of Japanese, German, Russian, Chinese, French professors, who cannot speak english. Or cannot speak english as good as Amani. Yet, do you (Amani) claim that you are better than them? Just go to the United Nations meeting, and see for yourself that many hands will be going over the language buttons for the translation services. And they are the representatives of many great nations.

To Cik Amani, I think it is good for you to travel abroad, not only to appreciate the building, but to see the community as well. Then you'd understand that english is not an indication of one's prowess.

What a stupid statement.. well, suits a not-so-educated actress who has to live on her look, rather than her brain. Maybe this kind of joke will start to appear to on the internet fairly soon..

3 Malaysian celebrities found a magic mirror, which can tell truth from lies. One will dissappear if one tells lie in front of it.

Mawi, the first one, stood up. He said " I think I have the loveliest voice in Malaysia" and in a few seconds he dissappeared.

Fazura then stood up. She said " I think I am the best actress in Malaysia" and soon she dissappeared too.

Amani stood up and said " I think.." and she immediately dissappeared

p/s: well, some people really cannot think