نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Corporal Punishment in Religious Institution

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It is no more a shock to us listening to the stories how pupils from a religious (read: islam) school were beaten up. Couple of years ago, the country was shocked when Muhammad Farid Ibrahim from Sekolah Menengah Agama Dato’ Kelana Petra Ma’amor was beaten to death by eight form five pupils. Recently, several pupils had to sleep on the railtrack to escape being physically abused by the seniors, which ended up with two being crashed by the oncoming train.

The main question here is why there is such disease in the religious institution? What has gone wrong to the system?

Being a product of a religious institution, I can simply conclude that the whole incident was because of the ‘end justifies mean’ concept, simply being practiced in the schools.

I myself joined an SMKA in Johore state for my form four education, coming from a more traditional Islamic school. In my first week, there’s an incident that I’d never forget.

I fell asleep during the Yasin recitation session, and because of that, I was physically punished by a form five pupil. I was kicked to an extent that it broke the window pane on which I was standing in front of. I was not the only one punished. The others simply take the punishment and remained quiet. Redha kind of attitude. I wanted to react, but was calmed down by another senior.

How can these people have the submission? This is because they were taught and brainwashed to accept those punishment as an act to discipline them, more so when these were done for the religious benefit.

There were stories of how a group of form five pupils beat a lower form kid to pulp, simply because he smoked one cigarette. They justified that smoking is religiously forbidden; therefore any punishment is OK to stop it.

I also gathered stories from other religious school. How kids were tortured, simply for waking up late and missing the subuh congregation. The excuse was ‘this pain is less than that in the hereafter’. And one will definitely find marks, swelling and bruises one the pupils’ bodies, after the constant beating up and other punishment for something as trivial as not responding to the senior’s call, or not calling them Abang. In fact, anything that gives rise to dissatisfaction, can be considered as disrespectful act, hence a justification for the corporal punishment.

Again, I agree that Islam teaches us not to smoke, to respect the elders, to pray on time, and to read the quran. But where does the justification for the punishment comes from? End does not justify means, sadly that is not the concept being practiced. When I was in the more traditional school, this was never a problem.

Having given all the examples and collection of experiences, I urge the Parent-Teacher Association to start probing into the matter. Talk to the children, and listen to them, so that they share their experience. Usually, it is not only the bad guys who are the culprit. The warden and the so-called prefects also show the bad examples.

I also hope the government to look deeply into the matters. If this situation is not corrected, I would not be surprised if the government schools give birth to the new breed of terrorist, out of the government own backyard.



Kejadian pelajar sekolah agama (read: islam) membelasah pelajar yang lebih muda bukanlah suatu yang asing lagi. Beberapa tahun yang lalu, negara dikejutkan dengan berita kematian Muhammad Farid Ibrahim dari Sekolah Menengah Agama Dato' Kelana Petra Ma'amor akibat dipukul lapan orang pelajar senior. Baru-baru ini, beberapa orang pelajar terpaksa melarikan diri, dan tidur di landasan keretapi bagi mengelakkan dipukul senior, yang berakhir dengan kematian 2 orang daripada mereka akibat digilis keretapi.

Persoalan utama di sini adalah mengapa wabak ini sangat berleluasa di institusi pengajian agama? Apakah yang telah salah dengan sistem ini?

Saya sendiri merupakan produk sekolah agama, dan saya berpendapat semua insiden ini adalah disebabkan sikap pelajar sekolah agama yang berpegang kepada konsep 'matlamat menghalalkan cara'.

Saya sendiri telah menuntut di sebuah SMKA di negeri Johor, bermula dari tingkatan empat. Sebelum itu, saya menuntut dia sebuah sekolah agama rakyat bersifat lebih tradisional.

Dalam minggu yang pertama, saya telah tertidur ketika sesi bacaan yasin malam jumaat. Mereka yang tidur dikumpulkan di satu bahagian surau, dan ditumbuk oleh seorang pelajar AJK biro dakwah tingkatan lima. Saya telah disepak hinggakan tingkap yang berada di belakang saya pecah berkecai. Pelajar yang lain hanya duduk diam, dan saya telah ditenangkan oleh seorang pelajar tingkatan lima yang lain.

Bagaimakah mereka semua dapat bertenang melihat kejadian tersebut? Ini disebabkan mereka ditanamkan dengan kepercayaan ini semua adalah untuk kebaikan agama.

Ada juga kisah bagaimana pelajar tingkatan lebih rendah dipukul dengan teruk, hanya kerana dia ditangkap menghisap rokok. Mereka mengambil pendapat merokok itu haram, maka dengan itu, apa sahaja hukuman adalah berpatutan dengan perbuatan haram tersebut.

Saya juga sempat mengumpul cerita dari sekolah-sekolah agama yang lain. Bagaimana pelajar didenda dengan teruk hingga tidak mampu berjalan, hanya kerana bangun lambat dan tidak sempat berjemaah subuh. Alasan yang diberikan adalah 'denda ini adalah sangat ringan jika dibandingkan dengan azab akhirat'. Kesan lebam dan bengkak adalah sesuatu yang sangat sering ditemui, dan kadang-kadang pelajar dipukul hanya disebabkan perkara-perkara remeh seperti tidak menjawab panggilan senior. Apa sahaja tindakan yang tidak memuaskan hati, dianggap sebagai tidak menghormati senior, dan menyebabkan pelajar dipukul.

Saya bersetuju, islam menyuruh kita tidak membazir wang dengan merokok, hormat orang tua, rajin membaca Quran dan solat pada waktunya. Tetapi, manakah hujah quran atau hadis yang membenarkan hukuman-hukuman teruk sebegini? Matlamat sekali-kali tidak menghalalkan cara.

Saya harap agar pihak Persatuan IbuBapa dan Guru dapat memberi lebih perhatian kepada para pelajar. Cuba dengarkan dan hadamkan apa yang cuba dikatakan. Selalunya, bukan pelajar yang jahat sahaja, malah pengawas dan warden juga kerap melakukan denda-denda bersifat fizikal sebegini.

Saya juga berharap agar pihak Kerajaan dapat memantau sekolah-sekolah agama persekutuan dan kerajaan. Saya tidak hairan jika suatu hari nanti, lahir pengganas-pengganas dan ekstrimis agama dari sekolah agama kerajaan sendiri.

Yang benar


Sunday, October 28, 2007

The last few days

The last few days have been rather full of events.

Thursday 18 Oct:
My first on-duty slot. Cannot go outside the 20km radius from the refinery.

Friday 19 Oct:
Family came from JB. Could not join them to KL, since I was on duty.

Saturday 20 Oct:
Could not leave PD because I was on duty. Missed one open house in Bangi, but went to another one in PD, hosted by a KMB-Bristol mate. Caught up with few friends overthere.

Sunday 21:
Managed to find someone to pass the pager to. Went to one open house in Bangi. The house was like an andalucian abode. Must be inspired by alhambra architecture. Went to the friend's house whose Open House I missed the day before.

Monday 22:
Start of the Essentials of Refining course, organised by Shell Open University. My first time of joining such courses, and at an exaggerated price tag also (EU2100). Took good walk around the infamous Bintang Walk. What a lousy place.

Wednesday 24:
End of course (evening). Twisted my left ankle on the way to KL sentral from the monorail station nearby, due to uneven floor surface. Twisted the same ankle again while going down the stairs near KL sentral platform 6.

Thursday 25:
Back to work. Another day of the 'safety day 2'. Had some discussion, and made few confession on breaching the safety rules around the refinery. Oh the start of my 50-day fasting debt.

Friday 26:
Had the safety day closing ceremony, attended by representative from the local fire station, together with some big bosses from SHELL. The regional manufacturing boss and the global safety boss came to give their speech and bla bla bla...

Saturday 27:
Went to few open houses. Spent good part of the hours doing some work and watching/supervising some repair/project work.

Sunday 28:
Received an early text from a friend, apparently one of our friend's son had passed away. He was involved in an accident. Saddened by the news, infuriated when informed that he was hit by few drunkards, a drink and drive and kill case.

Honestly, there are few things that I discovered over the weekends that really angered me.

1) Two policemen got shot, and were not protected by Kevlar. All of the sudden, money came from sky (PakLah's Office), RM150m for the equipment purchasing and whatnots.

Where is the money all these while? Don't tell me that it actually literally falls from the sky.
MY conclusion:
It is somewhere, accessible to some blokes, who maybe use it for their own benefit. Borrow it for a while, put in fixed deposit, unit trust, shares etc, until a certain period. Comes the call, return the money. Sadly, life lost is irreversible.
Note: 1% profit from RM150m is already Rm1.5m.

2) What does the law state about Drink & Drive?
I believe, not many people know, and maybe the drunkard will get away with 5 or 10 years. Of all we know, they might get away, because crime was committed when they were subconscious. Well, they were consciously consuming, and I would say consciously driving. I belive, the drunk drivers are killers, and killers should all go under the gillotine. FULL STOP. unless forgiven by the victim's family.

3) What does it mean by being a Malaysian
There's so much history and tradition to the country. However, we are damn good in retaining the bad ones, and eliminating the good ones. Look how unfriendly we had become, so much of being masyarakat malaysia yang penyayang. With the crime rates and free sex in the country, I really doubt we are still the community we once were.

On the other hand, corruption remains at the same level (if not worst). I just could not ignore all these.

Being a malaysian means you are being stupid or pretending to be dumb, so that you can just ge on with life (like me).

4) Anwar not co-operating with the government body in the investigation of the video tapes.
Anwar is very much reluctant ni surrendering the original tape of the CM appointment set-up clip. If I were him, I would have done the same thing. Why should I surrender the criminal evidence to the crooks? Happenned to him once (Umi Hafilda-related--> therefore Adult material), and he is determined not to let the same thing happen again.

Where is Justice? Nothing you can really hope much for on the malaysian soil. May as well stay away from the boundary and enjoy life from the outside like the malaysianthinktanklondon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eid Mubarak

Hi all,

Happy Eid. I still remember we used to have Father Eid in Bristol, a man with thick black beard saying 'ho, ho, ho'

This time, I celebrated Eid while being an employee, therefore, could not stay at home as long as I had wanted.

Caught a nasty flu, still recovering.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A little comment

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En Anonymous

sebenarnya, banyak elemen dalam bola sepak ni, kita boleh relate kepada islam.

1) people come, people go, but the club stays. Sama macam islam, orang datang dan pergi, tetapi agama itu kekal, dan kitalah yang meneruskan perjuangan.

stay away, just sebab benda tu sangkut paut? apa awak cuba cakap ni? Ini RACISM, assabiyyah, dan nabi tak mengaku ummat beb. tahukah anda, ada orang YAHUDI, ya, orang yahudi yang kena belasah dengan tentera israel, kerana mengecam penubuhan ISRAEL? anda tidak tahu, kerana anda hanya baca albanna dan maududi.

tahukah anda, ada orang YAHUDI, ya, orang yahudi yang berdemonstrasi di jalan-jalan amerika dan eropah mengecam penubuhan ISRAEL? anda tidak tahu, kerana anda hanya baca albanna dan maududi.

tahukah anda, ada orang YAHUDI, ya, orang yahudi yang tidak sekali-kali akan mengibarkan bendera ISRAEL? anda tidak tahu, kerana anda hanya baca albanna dan maududi.

anda berfikir begini, kerana fikiran anda dipengaruhi ZIONIS. andalah produk ZIONIS. ZIONIS mengajar kita kononnya islam dan yahudi tidak boleh hidup aman, sedangkan lebih seribu tahun muslim dan yahudi hidup dengan aman.

Tahukah anda, ramai pemain barcelona, dan juga pemain di EPL beragama islam? Dan mereka ini, berjaya membuatkan orang barat rasa 'it is normal being muslim' dan mereka rasa nak dekat. Muslim bukan alien, dan mereka boleh menjadi muslim.

Adakah bola sepak tak mengajar teamwork? tidak menutup aurat? tahukah anda, ada riwayat mengatakan sahabat nampak peha nabi ketika pulang dari khaybar? saya tak mengatakan peha bukan aurat, tetapi adakah awak faham betul-betul isu aurat ni?

bagaimana anda tahu kami menghabiskan 90 minit menonton bola sepak, tidak 5 minit atau 3 jam? tahukah anda, berapa banyak masa azad habiskan buat kerja islam, covering johor sampai perlis, habis berapa ribu ringgit? you are very judgmental.

ya, dan banyak pemain bola sepak yang memberitahu orang barat tentang islam, tanpa ada sedari. dalam interview tv baru-baru ni, mereka ceritakan pengalaman berpuasa ketika 'matchday' dan sebagainya. adakah ini bukan 'dakwah islam'?

Saya setuju kerja kita masih bertimbun, tapi tahukah anda, berapa ramai kawan saya yang sudah mula solat sejak saya mula berbaik2, bermain bola sepak dan bersembang bola sepak dengan mereka?

there's more than black and white in this world mate. semoga anda membesar dan matang dengan jayanya

Trip & Slip

Well, yesterday I was on my way home from KL, when suddenly rain started pouring down from Sky.

It was not really that bad by malaysian standard, but somehow the car in front of me (and maybe few others before it) got panicked and hit on the emergency brake.

Taking the normal course of action, I let my car slow down first. Seeing that I was about to hit the car ahead, I stepped on the brake. And with a car that's not equipped with ABS, that was the mistake.

I simply lost control of the car, when the hydrodynamic effect kicked in, forming a layer between the road surface and my tyres. The car was skating forward, while slowing down at a very little rate. Reminded me of skating at the ice-rink. Tried to turn left and right, but the car simply would not turn. It was the momentum that moved it in that linear direction.

I knew I could not do anything, so I simply sit there, calm, and ready to brace any possible impact. The friend next to me was panicking, and he really thought that I was not braking at all.

'Zaki, kereta depan brake tu, cepat-cepat'

Within that split second, I knew impact would not be hard and damaging, considering the speed we were travelling at. Few seconds later, my car touched the car ahead, but since the owner did not notice, he simply went away. I continued my drive, and explain what had happened to the passenger.

Just a good reminder for non-ABS owner, in case you hit a pool of water:
1) Don't accelerate or deccelerate the car. Leave it to the momentum.
2) Don't try to turn left or right, as you will definitely lose control of the car. (both point1 & 2 imply changing the velocity of the car)
3) Try use lower gear to brake the car (engine braking) rather than stepping on the brake and locking you wheels.
4) Remain calm, panicking will only make it worse
5) If all above fails, then...

p/s: I have received a copy of the road tax, at a price of RM50, fined by JPJ. At least now I can balik raya...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ramadhan Trial Episode 3

Well, I had to organise a buka puasa event with DOSH people in Putrajaya. So, we (read: they) chose Marriott hotel, the one near hospital serdang.

Honestly, the food was great, and the provided various menus and good options too.

But the day did not go so well in the beginning.

After calling the JPJ regarding my lost Road Tax, I could not locate my driving licence. And I had to leave early, considering I was the host for the dinner. After going to our main gate, main building receptionist and our security shelter, I still could not locate it. Decided to give up the whole thing, I casually walked towards my car. Guess what, I found it nicely placed inside my wallet.

Next, I wanted to withdraw some cash. After having to wait for the traffic light etc, I reached a cash machine, and it said: temporarily out of order. I had to drive to lukut town to find another cash machine, and this time, there was a man doing something at the machine. He kept putting in a card, and remove it kind of stuff. Either he has many accounts, or those were stolen cards. I do not know. Anyway, I managed to withdraw some cash after giving him such an evil look, so that he would leave.

And as I was driving, I heard the azan.. Well I had to stop again. And I performed the prayer in congregation. I guess this is the hikmah. Had I not found my licence missing, and hardship in withrawing the cash, and delayed by the excessive number of traffic lights, I would have passed the mosque much quicker. And I would not be able to pray in congregation.

Hopefully, there's more hikmah to come. Especially the one that relates to the road tax.

hmm.. trials and tribulations..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ramadhan Trial


I lost my new road tax sticker. It was in an envelope. I am quite sure I had left it at home, in my room. Sadly it is nowhere to be found.

Now I'd have to get in touch with JPJ for the new one. And will be fined also.