نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom & Us?

At last, I saw something useful on CNN.

The channel was showing live from London a ceremony which unveiled the Statue of Nelson Mandela at parliament square facing the house of parliament.

It was rather ironic, considering that it was his joke in his youth days, wanting to see a black man statue over there, next to a Boer's war figure.

Thumbs up to the mayor of London and co, double thumbs up to those who revealed the sad spectacle of the South Africa in the early years for all the world to see, and fought so the reality be changed. May us never forget the immense disaster of racism and apartheid.

As we approach our 50th Merdeka celebration, let us ponder over the current situation in Malaysia. Do we give preferential treatment to one and not the other? Do we treat everyone in the country equally? Is there anything similar to 'second-class citizen' in the beloved country?

Well, look into ourselves, and see where we stand in those issues. Let's work towards a Fair and Just country.

Malaysia, Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last day in Bintulu & Nisfu Sya'ban

Today is my last day in Bintulu, Tomorrow I'll be heading back to JB.

I was sitting outside the hotel on a full moon night, when it hit me that it was nisfu syaaban.

As usual, one group will go to the mosque to perform the normal wirid, quran recital and others, fit for nisfu syaaban. Another, who claim themselves to be 'salafi', will bring up the bidaah (innovation) issue, obvious on their blogs (try http://the-authenthic.blogspot.com/). Sadly, most of the people are not aware, do not know and do not even care about nisfu syaaban, and they just keep to the routine of committing sin day and night (including me).

Weirdly, the salafi people, who see themselves as defender of the authentic religion, prefer to discuss the innovation issue, more than tackling the maksiat. The main argument is 'innovation, and creating false claim based on the Prophet s.a.w is the worst sin'

Let me ask my wahabi brothers out there. I do practice amalan nisfu syaaban and you accuse us of creating this amalan, and making it compulsory.

There are times when we miss doing it, and like other people, I do not feel any guilty for missing it. You guys put words into our mouth, and accuse us of committing things we do not commit.

We never make anything compulsory. The halal, haram, wajib come from Allah, and Allah alone. All we do is giving suggestion as to how one can utilise one's time given a night close to ramadhan.

Quran teaches us to remember Allah, standing, sitting and lying down (refer ali imran). So what's wrong with doing zikir while standing?

If I read mathurat, you'll praise me for practicing sunnah (and maybe because you are pro ikhwan too). If I read it while standing, running or even playing football, is there any problem? If I am jumping around, is it ok? If the whole team starts reciting mathurat loudly, is it wrong? And what's the difference with those reciting zikr while standing, or even spinning?

Just because you know mathurat, you become very comfortable with it. And of course, you know football, so you become comfortable also. Add up all the comfortable elements, you get comfortable result. So you are OK with it.

Because those who practice different zikr have different teachers from you, you begin to question the validity of the practice. Because it is an unknown to you, and you are not comfortable with it. And you are not comfortable with dancing or spinning. Add up these two elements, it become the greatest bidaah for you that you need to abolish.

My meaningless rambling


Saturday, August 25, 2007

One Late Pakcik

The last time my family organised an Open House was few months back, it was around the raya haji time. Friends came around, so did relatives and neighbours.

Never thought that it would be the last time I'd meet one of my Dad's cousin, who had been very helpful throughout his life.

I still remember in 1988, my parents went to Makkah for pilgrimage. This uncle was there to look after me and my siblings. Still remember the time when he took us on his fast bike. I can't remember the model, but quite sure it was Kawasaki. For at least 40 days, he looked after us, until our parents returned.

(I quite remember that few months after coming back from Hajj, my dad fell off the ceiling, and broke few bones here and there. That took him out of office for almost half a year.)

I still remember my last conversation with this Pakcik. He was talking about why he joined UTM some couple of decades back. He said, my dad persuaded him to join UTM to help educate the Malays. The salary was of course lower than the industrial wage at that time, but that was the sacrifice he was willing to make. Sadly, people hardly saw his contribution, and like my dad, they were just taken for granted.

He passed away a couple of months back. It was a great loss for the university as well as the malays. Although his departure may have gone unnoticed, believe me, most of the UTM undergraduate projects would never have been completed without his manufacturing and casting skills.

His skills allowed him to cast almost everything from any material, and with careful consideration on the importance dimension and tolerance, he himself was the backbone to the mechanical engineering faculty foundry.

When I saw him the last time, he was really thin. He had lost a lot of weight, and seemed so different from how he used to look like. I sensed something was wrong, but I dare not asking. I was not sure if it was something sensitive to him, so I simply did not ask.

Few months later, I was told that he has passed away. It was not something unexpected, considering how he looked like previously. May Allah reward him for all his kindness to us. May Allah reward him for taking care of us while ayah and ummi were away. May Allah reward him for his contribution in building up the nation. May Allah put him amongst his beloved servants.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Bintulu and Namewee

Still in Bintulu, and the moment, the Shutdown is on full-swing. Mysteriously, it does not seem as busy as what I think it should be.

Anyway, now people are going 'berserk' about the namewee song on youtube. Honestly, I don't speak Hokkien, and cannot simply understand the context and the meaning to the exact comprehension. However, after reading the translation from namewee.blogspot.com, I don't see anything wrong with the song.


我爱我的国家 有国才有家
Aku cinta Negara aku ada Negara baru ada keluarga
有家才有我 站在这边跟你
Ada keluarga baru ada aku berdiri disini
大声唱歌 你麦惊
Nyanyi dengan engkau engkau jangan takut
Walaupun aku selalu cakap kasar
我的歌 就像榴莲一样
Lagu aku sama macam durian
硬硬尖尖 只是
Keras dan tajam tetapi
看你敢不敢打开 看看里面的真相
Tengok engkau berani buka ke tidak tengok apa yang ada di dalam
它可以很臭 也可以很香
Dia boleh dikatakan busuk dia juga boleh dikatakan wangi
cuma tengok engkau ada macam mana punya hidung

我们的警察 叫做MATA
Polis kita panggil ‘mata’ (dlm bhs hokkien)
Ini kerana mata mereka sangat tajam
新年一到 他们就很努力
Apabila raya mereka akan jadi rajin
Pen di tangan tetapi jarang bagi saman
因为他们口很渴 需要喝茶
Ini keran mereka dahaga mereka mahu minum teh
还有KOPI O 要不要加糖
Ataupun kopi O nak tambah gula ke tidak
如果加糖 他嘴巴会甜甜跟你微笑
Kalau tambah gula mulut mereka akan senyum dengan engkau
Apabila engkau nak pergi
Dia akan ucap TATA (maksudnye bye)

NegarakuTanah tumpahnya darahkuRakyat hidupBersatu dan maju

这种现象 不需要改善
Gejala ini tidak perlu memperbaikikan
也不用加强 警民合作
Juga tidak perlu memperkuatkan , kerjasama antara pihak polis dan rakyat
Secawan kopi hubungan boleh kekal
Aku memang suka
Sekurang-kurangnya balik rumah tidak akan dapat saman
Ayah mesti geram
我一定欠干 没有车给我驾
Aku mesti kena marah tidak ada kereta untuk aku
怎么办 这次西北够力
Macam mana kali ini memang teruk
没有车 我要怎样出去玩
Tak de kereta macam mana aku nak keluar main
没有车 我要怎样打野战
Tak de kereta macam mana aku nak XXX
没有车 我要怎样看阿瓜
Tak de kereta macam mana aku nak tengok ah kua
这个国家 我很喜欢
Negara ini aku memang suka
早上五点pukul 5 pagi
还有morning call会叫我起床
Ada morning call akan suruh aku bangun
Kadang-kadang beberapa ‘buah’ nyanyi sama-sama
macam tengah duet lagu cinta
Suara tinggi rendah macam tengah nyanyi R&B
Walaupun kadang kala sebahagian daripada mereka out of tune
Walaupun kadang kala sebahagian daripada mereka pecah suara
有些声音像公鸡 可是比公鸡早起床
Ada juga suara yang macam kokokan ayam tetapi dia bangun lagi awal dari ayam
Macam ini baru kite tahu mase untuk bersiap ke sekolah dan kerja

不要怪 政府只会照顾土族
Jangan salahkan kerajaan hanya akan jaga rakyat tertentu
不要怪 我们没有受到公平照顾
Jangan salahkan kami tidak dapat jagaan yang adil
Macam ini baru boleh menunjukkan yang orang cina tidak takut menderita
Macam ini baru boleh melatih kita mencari jalan keluar apabila menghadapi kesusahan
不要邹德他们的标准 很奇怪
Jangan mengatakan standard ini sangat pelik
因为这样反而表现我们 很厉害
Kerana dengan ini baru menunjukkan kami sangat teror
没有被宠坏的小孩 才不会依赖
Anak-anak yang tidak dimanja baru akan menjadi tabah
不然你看有人到现在 还没有断奶
ada orang sampai sekarang masih belum berhenti minum susu

Rahmat bahagiaTuhan kurniakanRaja kitaSelamat bertakhtaRahmat bahagiaTuhan kurniakanRaja kitaSelamat bertakhta

Pekerja dalam kerajaan lagi teror
Apa yang mereka buat boleh slow slow
就算排队的人等到要骂 臭lelai
Walaupun orang yang beratur marah
Mood mereka tetap rase bebas dan seronok
Kadang-kalag kuih pun mereka ambil keluar
Dia makan nyonya kuih dia
Dan engkau sambung beratur
Walaupun engkau nak marah pun tak pe
Kerana guard kat tepi pun tengah bermimpi
Dia takkan layan engkau
他们把头包起来 慢慢走慢慢过马路
Mereka yang memakai tudung perlahan-lahan melintas jalan
Engkau yang memandu kenalah berhati-hati
最终要活得开心 最重要活得舒服
Asalkan hidup dengan gembira asalkan hidup dengan selesa
Jangan macam orang cina
整天忙忙碌碌 西北辛苦
Tiap-tiap hari sibuk sangat susah
Semangat ini mesti kita kena kagumi
Kerana ini adalah sikap hidup mereka
(态度 态度)
Sikap sikap

Aku bercakap baik-baik dalam lagu ini
Aku percaya orang yang tak suka dengan aku mesti sangat suka
世界很和平 很有希望
Dunia aman baru ada harapan
没有人受伤 也没有很乱
Tidak ada orang cedera dan tidak tak tersusun
你很高贵 你很高雅
Engkau suci engkau sopan
大便很香 不会骂粗话
Najis wangi tak tahu cakap kasar
你们最high class 每天耍浪漫
Engkau sangat high class tiap-tiap hari main romantic
Dengar guang liang pin kuan (penyanyi malaysia)
Tetapi mereka sudah pergi taiwan
Pelajar Sekolah Cina
Nak masuk local U sangat susah
Dalam kes ini, kita tidak patut geram
Ini cuma satu rancangan yang mulia dari kerajaan
他要我们到处跑 出国自己找希望
Dia nak kami pergi merata-rata tempat pergi oversea mencari impian
Lepas itu balik negara membalas jasa
这个计划真的是 好到没有话讲
Rancangan ini memang bagus memang bagus
Di seluruh dunia mesti nampak malaysia punya rakyat
好像逃难一样 西北爽
Macam melarikan dari bencana memang best
2007 马来西亚搞观光
2007 ialah tahun pelancongan malaysia
Budaya cina semua mengambil keluar untuk publisiti
Pelajar sekolah cina Memang tak dilayan oleh kerajaan
文凭丢去longkang 像我一样
Sijil boleh buang ke longkang macam saya
Lepas tamat persekolahan terus pergi Taiwan
学了东西 准备回去报答国家
Belajar di sana bersedia balik negara untuk membalas jasa
Aku berdiri di tepi Taipei memain guitar
可是我的嘴巴 还是一样唱
Tetapi Mulut aku tetap menyanyi

Rahmat bahagiaTuhan kurniakanRaja kitaSelamat bertakhta

I hope everyone can see the sense of truth in the song (given this is the right meaning).

I don't want to comment much, but I do agree on some points. And those include:

It is indeed difficult to separate Malaysian Police Force from Bribe and Corruption

The civil servant performance is simply disappointing.

Chinese excellent students do find difficulties in obtaining scholarship and place in public universities.

Honestly, I'd prefer to stand up and speak up. Couple of weeks back, I was having a lunch with on of SRC top management members. She was quite reluctant in uttering a question regarding my practice of religion, on the basis that I may get offended.

Again, I believe we are not communicating enough in this country. Ibarat api dalam sekam. And I really can feel this, that this country is turning me more and more into a racist. The media, the political system, the political leaders etc.

On the other hand, please all malaysian citizens, our current leaders have shown how incapable they are in forming a just and fair country. PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING UMNO AND BN, AND MAKE THE CHANGE.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Post from Bintulu

I left PD the friday before last, headed home with Husna joining me. Honestly, I felt rather guilty leaving her in town for about 5 hours, before I finished work and we could go home.

The journey was good, and I don't think there's much that needed mentioning. We stayed in Melaka for one night, while I showed her what A Famosa looks like at night. Sadly, construction was going on, and there's no Pertunjukan Cahaya dan Bunyi these days. Weird, Tahun melawat malaysia, with no pertunjukan cahaya dan bunyi, and muzium negara being renovated and not all opened for public. So much of a planning.

Saturday, arrived in JB rather safely in the morning. Had breakfast in Machap, and later went to a Kenduri Kahwin in dewan alumni UTM. One of the anak pakcik-pakcik got married to a kelantanese girl, which my dad assumed to be another anak pakcik-pakcik (kelantan branch). Anyway, we assumed she comes from kelantan, since she went to maahad muhammadi perempuan. She may not be even from kelantan.

Sunday, left JB for Kuching. The journey was alright, smooth, sound and safe. Dish of the day = Beriyani Ayam. Well, not bad MAS.

Stayed/strayed in/around kuching for one night. Well, prayed maghrib at a surau across the river, and joined the mawlid practice. My conclusion was that the sarawakian has a rather slow-mo song, and each time I was rather out of breath trying to sing along with them.

Following day, left the hotel ( I haven't mentioned, Holiday Inn, have I?) at 6am. Managed to catch the morning flight (730am) and reached Bintulu about an hour later.

Rested for about half an hour before we left for SMDS (Thas is shell middle distillate synthesis) plant. What they do overthere, look up middle distillate in wikipedia.

Introduced to the people whom I will be working with for the next four weeks. Sorted out our work permit and also the safety induction.

Tuesday, attended the proactive intervention culture conference. It was fun. Basically, it was about teaching people how to intervene when you see others committing some non-compliance activities.

Within the week, had this Time off for Safety session for the whole SMDS staff and contractors. We were fed with KFC lunch boxes. I took three for myself, since they had so much extra's. By the way, just safety harness in bahasa melayu is Abah-abah.

Thursday, just went with the flow. Attended the confined space safety induction (or was it the day before?Can't remember). The company also held out telemacthes on thursday, and doa selamat/ solat hajat after maghrib.

Anyway, Friday marked something rather significant in our trip. It was an off-day, and two of my PD colleagues were on a trip to Miri when they rear tyre exploded, and the car drifted, and rolled couple of times, and crashed into a drain. Luckily, no broken bones, no fatality. But the event impacted us in a way that, we are no more allowed to rent a car ourselves. Everything will have to follow the book, and permission has to be granted by the SMDS management prior to renting.

Saturday, stayed in the hotel, and spent few hours looking for USB wireless adapter. Mind you that bintulu is such a small town, even smaller than PD, although the district is by far bigger than Negeri Sembilan and Melaka altogether.

And here I am spending the bloody hours writing this for your reading, so that the account does not get frozen... Blimey, I need to go, maghrib is approaching.. Oh by the way, I managed to stock up few books for my reading before coming here. Considering that I finished as the crow files 700++ pages in less than a week, I can see that the supply would not last that long. 3 weeks at most...

Catch you later mate..

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