نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Friday, February 29, 2008


Yesterday, I received one message from a facebook group called friends of Nik Nazmi.

Keep the story short, this friend of mine is standing in for N32 Sri Setia Selangor state seat under the PKR banner.

Honestly, I do not know him very much in great details. In early 2005, I chanced upon making a trip to Sidi Afifi's house in oxford, and that was the first time I met him.

Later, we met again at the NUS and FOSIS conferences. He went home for good that summer 2005, so I have not seen him since.

The good thing was, I got his phone number from Ezam Noor, when he came over to PD to give a closed-door lecture.

When I saw Nik Nazmi's name in the paper, I immediately rang his mobile to congratulate him (hey, the nomination process is not all that easy. You know what SPR is capable of doing). Well, he is not the youngest candidate contesting. There is another bloke younger than him, whose details you can find on the web.

Anyway, since today is the 'blogging-to-show-support-for-Budu' day, I am taking this opportunity to wish him all the best. Kalau dah jadi YB nanti, jangan lupa kami di sini.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Penamaan Calon: That was the week that was

Yesterday, the nomination day went rather well. None of PAS candidate was disqualified, while we managed to 'sack' one BN candidate for DUN Kijang, Kelantan.

Being new to the whole thing, I was rather nervous. Went to bed rather late that night, and missed Kuliah Minhajul Abidin at the Masjid Jamek the following morning. Did not wake up quite in time for it.

The night before, the PAS supporters gathered at Masjid Lama Telok Kemang.

Abandoned after the opening of the new mosque, this Majis Lama (Old Mosque) was kept alive by few old folks, most of them PAS members/ supporters. Pressure has been great on them by the locals so that they shut the mosque, but the resisted bravely, and until today still do so. They were accused of creating division in the muslim community, by keeping the masjid alive. To alleviate the pressure, they tried going to the new mosque, and even volunteered to clean the toilets. Yet, they were still chased away by the people in the new mosque. I have great respect towards these people. With pension Rm500 a month, they still managed to donate at least RM5 to PAS, bearing in mind that Rm500 is simply not enough for one to get through a month.

(Sadly, some of us think that by donating Rm100, Rm200 or even more, they have done their part. It is NOT, and will never be the same. You pay something, but you never have pressure one your back.)

As a result, they form their own gathering, and perform the fard prayers in the old mosque. From time to time, shaykh Faiz, the mufti's brother, will come and do his majlis zikr there. Apart from that, the place will hardly see more than 20 jamaah at one time. I heard the story from a friend, that timbalan mufti once had a dream. He saw the Prophet s.a.w performing prayer in Masjid Lama Telok Kemang, and Masjid Lama Port Dickson. Because of that, jabatan mufti is also in a strong support against closing the mosque.

The night before the nomination day, we organised solat hajat and tahlil. While sitting alone there, there were moments when I did muhasabah, and I end up making do'a " Ya Allah, janganlah kau hukum perjuangan ini kerana dosaku". Tears were flowing.

That night, we worked hard gathering all the data, and discussed with a PAS lawyer. After much discussion and faxing going here and there, I went home and off to bed close to 2 am, preparing for the big day.

Sunday 24th Feb.

I finally joined the crowd close to 8am. We were preparing for the parade, with Unit amal standing by for instruction. Close to 9am, a group of BN bikers and motorists passed by sounding the horn, as a provocation. After they have taken their place, the police allowed us to start our parade. I had two unit amal 'bodyguards' walking on my sides. Close to the nomination centre, supportes were told to wait, while the relevant people entered the 50m radius.

I went to the nomination room. It was an auditorium, which looked spanking new. The BN candidates were all on-stage, handing over their nomination forms. Quarter an hour later, all our candidates (PAS-PKR-DAP) took their places and began registering. Another half an hour passed, and one Calon Bebas registered to contest for the parliamentary seat, and another for a state's.

10am, the nominees' names were put on the notice board, and people rushed over to see and make any necessary objections. I took out all the documents that I had been preparing all night. Few friends tried to check the status of the Pencadang and Penyokong via internet, but of all time, the Celcom 3G facility chose this moment to fail.

I prayed dhuha, and at 1040am, I went to the SPR desk and submitted my objection. The BN candidate had been declared bankrupt in 1989, and the information told me that he had one case pending in Seremban Court. The candidate ( En Azman Mohammad Noor) was called in, and ordered to explain the situation. The Election manager checked with the insolvency department, and the candidate was given a clear status. En Azman explained that he had paid his remainin debt to CIMB Bank berhad, although rumour has it that he did it just the few nights before.

We knew this fact from the beginning. In fact, PAS Pusat did help us check his background, and gave the same remark. However, they told us just to put the objection forward, as a warning to them that our election machinery is actually working. WE KNOW YOU!!!

With the objection not going through, I went out of the building to get some fresh air. After much instruction and deliberation, the candidates finally left the room, and went to the trailer-made-stage outside the City Council building. Outside, the crowd cheered for the BA candidates, and jeered the BN and bebas candidates. I guess, our supporters were more vocal and full hearted.

With all nominations being passed, the announcement was made.

P132: BN v PKR v Bebas
N29-N32: BN v BA
N33: BN v PKR v Bebas

Get ready for the next round..

Lawan tetap Lawan


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Orthodox Jews in Palestine issue statement on remarks by Yona Metzger

Orthodox Jews in Palestine issue statement on remarks by Yona Metzger

Jan 31.08


In the past week the so-called Chief Rabbi of the so-called State of "Israel", Yona Metzger, has made vicious and provocative statements asserting that the Palestinians living in Gaza should be moved from their homes into the Sinai desert.

Yona Metzger is not an authentic Torah authority, despite the fact that he carries the so-called title of "Chief Rabbi". Chief rabbis of the Zionist State only carry legitimacy in the eyes of Zionist Jews. His status as a chief rabbi is not unlike the leadership of Theodor Herzl, who also wore a beard!

The State of "Israel" is illegitimate according to the Torah teachings. The founding of the State of "Israel" is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Torah which forbids the establishment of a Jewish state and commands Jews to remain in exile until released from that exile by G-d Himself, without any human intervention, at which time all nations of the world will live together in peace.

We are likewise forbidden to rebel against any nation. We are to remain peaceful and loyal citizens, in every country in which we reside. Therefore to oppress the Palestinian people, harm them, steal their land, expel them, etc. is totally forbidden according to our Holy Torah.

The Rabbinical authorities universally have stood in vehement opposition to the ideology of Zionism and have opposed the state of "Israel" from its creation until the present day.

Palestinians have an inherent right to return to their land in historic Palestine and to establish their independent state in the entire Holy Land, which was forcefully taken from them by the Zionists. Indeed, many Gazans are refugees who were expelled from other areas of Palestine by the Zionists ever since 1948.

Chief Rabbis of the Zionist state, whether Metzger or anyone else, are merely very well-paid stooges of the Zionists and serve their Zionist masters without regard for the welfare of the Jewish People, the Palestinians, or any other nation in the world.

The Chief Rabbinate of the Zionist State, just as all Zionist institutions, has importance only because of its coercive power over the religious, economic and everyday life of the Jewish residents of Zionist occupied Palestine. Whoever recognizes and supports the Zionist State, even innocently, has been taken over by the heretical Zionist movement, no matter how large the halo that it is granted by supposed Jewish authorities.

Chief Rabbis, and other rabbis who support the existence of the Zionist state, are wicked emissaries of evil. Such "rabbis" promote hatred and war, and use their coercive powers to demand subservience of Jews to the Zionist enterprise. This description that we posit of such people has been the long-standing position of authentic rabbis for the last century.

Yona Metzger expresses feelings of inhumanity which originates in his loyalty to the cult of Zionism and is perfectly prepared to sacrifice Jewish lives on the altar of his idolatry, the State of "Israel." Any moral person would much prefer to see the Zionist warmongers, including Metzger, removed from the Holy Land. METZGER AND ALL ZIONIST RABBIS DO NOT REPRESENT THE JEWISH RELIGION.

We urgently appeal to the leaders of the world nations, especially the great powers, to stop supporting the Zionist regime. Many nations believe that supporting Zionism shows friendship to the Jewish People. This is incorrect! True friendship to the Jewish People can be demonstrated by saving all the peoples of the Middle East, including Jews, from the bloodthirsty machinations of the dangerous State of "Israel" and by dismantling the Zionist regime entirely, peacefully and speedily in our day.

May Almighty G-d protect us from the influence of Zionism in general, their evil warmongering bloodthirsty leaders, and from their wicked servants who call themselves "rabbis."

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sharia Law in Britain?

"The europeans realised the benefit of Habbatus sauda (black seed) hundreds of years ago, but refused to consume it, for the sole reason that it is a muslim's medicine" I heard one bloke giving a talk on habbatus sauda on Ikim.fm ( Don't ask me on the authenticity of the story, you wahabi's)

Well, I stopped blogging on the heavy stuff couple of months back, although I still have not dropped reading the heavy stuff. It is just that I don't think people fancy reading the heavy stuff on this blog.

Couple of days ago, I saw in the news, and I read the article about the Archbishop of Canterbury's comment on the Shariah law in Britain. I read about it, and to me that's the end of the issue. I was quite surprised this morning - well, I only had access to the net this morning- to see what an uproar it has caused in the non-muslim world, and the muslim world alike.

I still believe that it is a duty for a muslim to have a desire towards establishing the sharia law. Putting the implementation issue aside, I believe it is part of Iman to want to establish the law. Sadly, some people reject the law on the basis of the complication of the implementation. Some people simply reject it simply because they do not want it. And others do not want it, because they can't be bothered to think of the issue.

Some people told me that there are muslims who prefer to have one common 'law' amongst all citizens. My answer on that is simple. People of different religions have different lifestyle. For example, we do aqiqah for our babies, circumcised them later. These babies grow up, and once reach adulthood, get married in the 'islamic' nuptials. They later die, and the funerals follow the islamic rituals.

I think one can accept getting married the islam way - especially when it comes to the 4 wives clause-, die in the islamic way and yet, they cannot accept that islam has its own set of law.

Well, for muslims who do not WANT the law, and want a one common law, let me suggest this. Why don't you start with having a one common lifestlye for you and your children. Start baptising your children. And then, when you die, let us bury you based on the one common way you want. Maybe if you want a cremation, we can organise it for you.

Yet, some of the muslim (read: UMNO?) want it one way, and do not want it the other way.


Well, on the other hand, the world itself is not always black and white. Remember the habbatus sauda story. Don't be a fool. Stop looking at whose law this is, and whose is that. Let's just look at them, and embrace the positive elements. If Britain sees it fit to take elements of sharia law to be applied to the muslim or the general public, so be it. Afterall, Britain can be proud for having a system already more islamic than most of the muslim countries...

What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

- Sheikh Zubir a.k.a Shakespeare