نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Negeri Sembilan v Terengganu

Last tuesday, having nothing much to do, I went to Stadium Paroi to watch the football match between NS & T'ganu.


Terengganu seems technically more superior, but defended all throughout the game. Negeri Sembilan played a really rubbish game. Apart from Hairuddin Omar, the rest was not technically sound. One Indian fellow No 6 was alright, he ran all over the pitch.

There was one Negri player, long haired. The moment he got the ball, I had identified (an amateur's eye like mine could also) that he cannot shoot with his right foot. Being the attacking mid, that is a real handicap. Anyway, in the second half, he tried shooting with his right foot, and amusingly, he missed the ball, and twisted his ankle. Hahaha... Mind you, these people are professional. They should be able to make decent shot with both feet, just like an engineer like myself is supposed to be able to perform multiplication and division, differentiation & integration. You cannot just be able to do one but not the other.

*Initial photo was removed since the owner was not happy that I put the photo of the player and made some honest remark about the player, despite that fact that I retained the reference link. This is screenshot of the flickr page of his biggest fan. yeah...*
The Man Who Cannot Shoot with his right, but still try to pose.. Idris Karim seen in this photo trying to stretch his right leg (eh, he has one meh).

One thing I saw was the twin. The little brother (striker) and older brother (defender). I was told that both of them wanted to play striker, but the coach say the older one not as good as striker, so told him to play defender instead. FYI, the older one got kahwin lari with Rita Rudaini in Thailand.

The final score was 1-0. And the goal was scored by Rita Rudaini's husband (Of course running across the field to score goal is not that difficult for someone who had run across the border to get married). It was a crap goal, for a crap match. Despite all the efforts, it despised me that it was Rita's husband that scored. Damn, extra boost for his ego. I would have hoped the little brother or someone else score.

The quality of the game is well below the standard displayed in Kedah v Selangor match I went to last year.

I guess, our football is doomed... and my comment on Paroibatuompek.wordpress:

Lousy game played by Negri eventhough they won against Tganu. I dont think N9 has the quality to win the Piala Malaysia. You have a professional player who cannot shoot with his right foot. That is rubbish

I got this honest reply, for being honest:
thanks for your kind comments mate, i bet you’re one of those who came to the stadium once in a blue moon eh? stick to epl mate.. malaysian football don’t need you.

To which I replied:

Malaysian football don’t need me. True.
I go to the stadium once in a blue moon. True.
i stick to EPL. False. I follow good football, and that includes english league 2 if it is good.

Most of the time, I watch malaysian football on tele. I was really excited watching last year final Kedah vs Selangor.

OK, regardless of who we support, we have to admit the game was bad. No free flow of football, weird refereeing decision.

We malaysians, have to admit that we are poor at techniques, poor at fitness. Look at the first touches. Apart from Hairuddin & Adha. Look at the level of fitness.

We have to admit, that at school, we were never taught the right technique. We have fields in almost every school, play 7 times a week, but why can’t we improve? The europeans play once a week. Once a week, and the school has to pay to use the facility. But how come once a week is better than 7 times a week?

All these are things we need to ponder. My family are great fans of malaysian football. We never missed the weekend malaysian football on the tele. I went to Negri wanted to support N9, but the game was bad. It was just bad, and we have to admit that.

I still do not see why people are not willing to admit that the state of our local football, -like our ex-national coach said- is not football. It is like main petang-petang back in schooldays.

Even the ever-full-of-himself Alex Ferguson can admit if his team play badly. The captain would even apologise. Are we really that good that we can never admit that we have a bad game?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1Malaysia 1Toilet

Remember, last time I wrote about Najib's revolusi tandas?

Well well, it is back now under the 1Malaysia campaign.

Well, Mr toilet education, when in universities, staff and students have different toilets. This 1toilet concept will make sure everyone pee the same, and smell the same. Like kata pepatah, guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

Sing the song:
Tandas berkualiti tiada lagi bau masam, bayar 2osen boleh duduk sampai malam
Oh tandas berkualiti, oh berak senang hati x2

‘1Toilet’ plan to let teachers and students mingle freely

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state government will introduce a “1Toilet” policy in a move to liberalise education, where teachers – and even principals – will soon have to share toilets with their students.

State Education, Higher Learning, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman said the policy was mooted in line with the 1Malaysia concept, and teachers and students could have a feeling of “oneness”.

“We want students to have a sense of belonging that we believe would inspire them to excel further in their education.

“When students share the toilets with the teacher, they (students) will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organisation, which, in this case, is the school,” he said here yesterday.

“We are not compelling the school authorities to apply the policy. It is their prerogative,” said Ahmad Razif.

“So far, we have one school in Hulu Terengganu that has implemented the policy a few days ago. It has received positive feedback from the school management although it is still premature for us to evaluate its efficiency,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said that under the policy, teachers and students would also be encouraged to sit within a common space at school canteens during recess.

“This means that teachers and students will mingle freely during recess,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the policy had initially been proposed by Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said earlier this year but that it took some time for it to be properly drafted.

On another matter, Ahmad Razif said the state government would continue to send students to pursue medicine and dentistry in recognised universities in Indonesia.

“We are looking into the option of sending our students to universities in areas classified as non-earthquake prone areas in Indonesia,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the state government was also in the midst of discussions with officials from University Padjadjaran of Bandung on the possibility of sending Terengganu students for medical courses there.

He said other countries that the state government was planning to send their medical undergraduates next year were Poland and Russia.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Celaka UMNO & Utusan


Bacalah berita ini. Zahid Hamidi Penipu. Kawan tu hampir mati, Zahid Hamidi boleh kata macam ini. Buat apa nak ada-adakan berita.

Surat khabar penipu, membela penipu, untuk penipu.

Ya Allah, Kau panjangkanlah umur mereka, dan jangan matikan mereka melainkan dalam keadaan sehina-hinanya

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Flying Back

I am at the hotel lobby, waiting for the taxi to the airport.

Well, life has been different over here. I am glad I came, mainly just for a change of air.

Things are different, and they just are... How people behave themselves, greet each other, thank one another.. trust.. all these tiny things really make big difference in people daily lives, especially for us who malaysians who are not used to it.

In my last week, I moved into the Sheraton Hotel next door. I had to leave early every morning, making it impossible for me to enjoy the breakfast. Anyway, I like the culture, and the welcoming attitude of people over here. The rule is simple. If you can benefit the nation, you are welcome. If you cannot, then maybe this is not the place for you.

On the downside, I think the australians eat too much. It really is.. They eat more than malaysians, and double that of the British.

Anyway... Hopefully I'd be back in Malaysia tonight, and jump straight into the PAS-UMNO battle for the state assembly seat.

See you..

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Menilai Mentaliti Puak Ultra UMNO

Beberapa ketika ini, aku sengaja pergi menyinggah blog-blog ultra UMNO. Antara beberapa perkara yang aku perasan:

1) Pantang dengar Al-Quran & Hadis: Bagi mereka ini, ayat al-quran dan hadis ini tak boleh guna untuk bicara. Pantang. Kalau guna, ibarat mubaligh kristian. Jadi simpan dalam rumah sahaja. Kalau diajak berhujah guna Al-Quran & hadis, memang mereka marah. Sebab tu mereka marah bila Cina DAP boleh quote ayat Al-Quran, walaupun tak sempurna. Mungkin bagi mereka, Al-Quran hanya pada tilawah sahaja. Dari cara bercakap pun, kita tahu tahap pengetahuan mereka bab Hadis SANGAT LEMAH. Ada yang mengatakan tak semua hadis melalui sahabat (kalau tak lalu sahabat, datang dari siapa?)

2) Tidak pandai berhujah menggunakan akal: Bila berhujah, mereka sangat emosional. Bila ada orang yang tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat mereka, akan keluar ayat seperti " Kau tak faham sebab kau bodoh". Tiada usaha untuk memahamkan.

3) Gemar melabel dan memberi nama: Pelbagai gelaran diberikan kepada pimpinan PAS, PKR & DAP. Nama yang diguna pula, astaghfirullah, sangat lah tidak menunjukkan ciri ketamadunan.

4) Bersangka Buruk: Andai ada yang berbeza pendapat, mereka akan bersangka buruk pada orang tersebut. Mereka ini akan dimarah dan dimaki. Jika yang berbeza tadi menunjukkan ciri-ciri cenderung pada UMNO, barulah mungkin boleh berbincang.

5) Melihat hidup ini terpisah dari ibadah: Mereka lihat, perjalanan hidup ini adalah satu kehidupan, dan ibadah pula dalam masjid. Ibadah terhad pada rutin baca quran, solat, zanji, selawat, sambutan maulidurrasul, baca yasin, dan aktiviti yang bersangkut paut.

6) Percaya UMNO jahat, tetapi bukan terjahat: Mereka tahu UMNO korup, makan duit rakyat dan sebagainya, tetapi tidak melihat perkara tersebut sebagai dosa besar.

7) Percaya PAS jual agama, dan paling jahat: PAS dianggap menggunakan islam untuk mendapatkan kuasa politik, dan ini dikira menjual agama.

8) Lemah pengetahuan sirah: Melihat cara mereka bersembang, pengetahuan mereka tentang sirah Nabi SANGAT LEMAH. Ini kembali kepada pengetahuan Al Quran dan hadis tadi.

9) Racist: Bersifat perkauman yang sangat ekstrim.

Ada banyak lagi yang boleh dicoretkan di sini. Cuma apa yang cuba disampaikan adalah perjalanan dakwah itu masih jauh.