نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

State Assemblyman Arrested

Compare this two articles about the arrest:

ACA detains Negri rep as its anti-graft blitz continues

I read the news late last night, as it was published on the utusan site.

Utusan was more careful in advertising the name of the ADUN. I was quite sure then, that this must be a BN ADUN. Had it been a PR ADUN, the name would have come out first, together with a more vicious headline.

The star was more open, objective, and looking at things with a more open and objective way.

Well, hopefully this serves as a guide for people to choose the right newspaper to read.

p/s: Utusan adalah alat UMNO memperbodohkan orang melayu. Baca utusan = bodoh sampai ke tua.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Berjaya Times Square Hotel

I am currently at the hotel. Attending a materials and corrosion conference at Parkroyal hotel.

I tend to believe that it is not that hard to impress me, especially for people in the service industry. I was on my way to KL, when I stopped at Tol Seremban-PD highway ( I had to).

I had a little 'conversation' with a veiled malay customer service girl. The conversation went as follows (G: Service counter girl)

I: Dik, sini boleh top up touch n go?
G: Silent.. (Shook her head, without looking at me)
I: Habis, ada Touch n Go machine kat sini?
G: Ye la, mesin je ada, signboard tak ada pun
I: Tak boleh ke (While she was taking my RM10 note)
G: Tak boleh. Sila la reverse, pergi sana (she was raising her voice)

I was so shocked at her reply and attitude, that I was mortified.. I used to be in customer service industry too..

I: Ya Allah, teruknya perangai awak
G: Sekarang ni macam mana, aku cakap baik-baik etc... ( and she started membebel)
I: Dah2, Awak tak boleh cakap camtu. Saya ni customer awak..
G: Customer apa, mulut jahat etc.. (and she continues with her cakap-cakap dan membebel)

At another stop, I asked a different girl, this time it is indian.
I: Dik, sini boleh top up touch n go?
G: Maaf encik, kat sini memang tak boleh.
I: (This time I simply looked at the touch n go machine)
G: (Giving her best service industry smile) Maaf encik, kat sini memang tak boleh...

See, I do not know, but if I were not a muslim, the malay girl's akhlaq will definitely put me off from becoming a muslim.

Anyway, so I got to Berjaya Times Square Hotel. And because it was a little raining, I took a cab to the Royalplaza hotel. The taxi driver asked me why I do not walk, and my answer was because it was raining. To be honest, I did not know where the RoyalPlaza was, but I knew it was somewhere nearby. To my embarrassment, the hotel was just across the road. I mean, literally across the road. No wonder the taxi driver had this funny look at his face.

Anyway, right after the conference adjourned for the day, I walked back to Berjaya Times Square. This time, I checked in, and to my astonishment, I got a suite. Because the internet connection is rather slow here, I think I'd put the pictures later. But for Rm230, I could not believe my eyes. I even called the reception to double checked on the rate they are charging me, and really thanked them for the room (although I'd have to say that they may be doing this because they have overbooked the hotel).

Anyway, that's all for now. Going out to the Masjid close by for maghrib.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Prosedur Mengangkat Sumpah

Prosedur Mengangkat Sumpah Menurut Syeikh Saiful Buka-hari-hari Al-Hadhari.

Hendaklah berwudhu'

Duduk dengan sopan di dalam Masjid

Hendaklah ada sekurang-kurangnya seorang saksi (kalau ada segerombolan wartawan lagi bagus)

Memegang AlQuran di tangan kiri, dengan tangan menggenggam tulang Quran.

Rukun Lisan
1) Membaca Bismillah

2) Mengucap Kalimah Syahadah 3 kali

3) Membaca Alfatihah

4) Membuat sedikit keterangan tentang diri

5) Membaca Ta'awwuz (auzubillah)

6) Membaca wallahi, wabillahi, watallahi ( Kalau tersalah sebut, cuma perlu ulang dari sini sahaja)

7) Membaca kandungan sumpah

8) Membaca wallahua'lam

Sunday, August 24, 2008

An eventful Month

This august has been rather eventful for me.

0) Went to a forum organised by MAS staff at KLIA. Interesting one, featuring Ust Taib Azamuddin & Ust Idris Ahmad

1) Whole first week: I attended Shell Life, sort of an orientation programme for Shell new joiners (Okay, I am not that new). I like to call it Shelf life, since after two years of joining, you are no more qualified to go to the programme. My shelf life was almost up.

2) End of second week: Attended Muktamar PAS at Ipoh. It was followed up by the ceramah perdana that night. The following day, I with few colleagues, went to visit a friend's ailing mother. Had a jalan-jalan around Kuala Kangsar too.

3) Wednesday 20th: Attended Una's graduation. It was a marvelous one, and Kudos to those who put the extra effects (bubbles, balloons etc) that made it more extravagant.

4) Wednesday 20th: Gate review of one of my project. Passed. I took part in the review by joining the teleconference from JB over the phone.

5) Thursday 21st: Had a meeting at Trader's hotel. So many action items to follow up.

6) Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th: Attended Akademi Merdeka. Details at waubebas.org

7) Watched Kedah v Selangor Final Piala Malaysia. Kedah won 3-2. I was curious on why Sultan Pahang, the President of FAM, did not attend the ceremony. Sultan Kedah was there, and so was Menteri Besar Kedah.
8) Another programme planned on 30th, for secondary school.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lin Dan on Drug

Professional observers indicated that Lin Dan may have been using performance enhancement drug, that might have assisted him in winning the 2008 Olympics and many other international tournaments.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UiTM dan..

Hari ni, aku rasa angin sikit.

Ya, masukkan lah 10% non-bumi dalam UiTM. Agaknya, baru la budak melayu tau apa erti persaingan. Takde la keje dok main teloq dan bercium sana sini.

Seperti kata sarah aduh saliha "Mereka (kawan-kawan sarah) pun cium teman lelaki masing-masing". "Jangan cakap mereka langsung tak melakukannya". Bodoh, orang lain pun bercinta juga, tapi takde la sampai nak letak kat internet, bangga, dan mengaku semua orang buat. Gambar laki tak pakai baju pulak tu. Wei, tak semua orang buat camtu la wei. Tanda kasih sayang. bagus la, sebagai tanda kasih sayang, lautan api neraka pun sanggup sama-sama renang.

Aku lemas a, dengar cerita budak UiTM nih. Wei, baik hangpa pikir pasal study. Bila ada non-bumi, baru tau langit tinggi rendah. Ni dok seronok sama sendiri. Raba sana sini, sibuk kena tangkap basah.

Aku geram betul dengan set-set UiTM nih. agaknya, depa ni tak reti bersyukur kot.

and yeah right, pakai t-shirt tanpa lengan konon. Itu tali apa tu? Tali kasut? Ini singlet la bodo.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kedah v Selangor Final Piala Malaysia

Dengar kan lagu Kedah

Ni pula lagu Selangor

Tengok pada semangat lagu, Kedah Menang!!!

Go Kedah Go

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UMNO breaching the Election Rules: Any action?

Recently, there's this article about UMNO having spent more than RM200 million in the 2004 election. Let's see what the Law has to say about this:

19.(1) Subject to such exception as may be allowed in pursuance of this Act, no sum shall bepaid and no expense shall be incurred by a candidate at an election or by his election agent, afterthe date of publication of the notice of the election in the Gazette, during or after an election, onaccount of or in respect of the conduct or management of such election, in excess of-
(a) two hundred thousand ringgit in the case of an election to the Dewan Rakyat;
(b) one hundred thousand ringgit in the case of an election to a Legislative Assembly;

Read this:

"With 219 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats contested in the 2004 general elections, this means that a party like BN that contested all seats cannot spend more than RM94.3 million or else BN's victories are illegal," said Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general.

And read this also:

Punishment and incapacities for corrupt practice

11. (1) Every personwho-

(f) being a candidate or election agent knowingly makes the declaration as to election expensesrequired by section 23 falsely,

shall be guilty of a corrupt practice, and shall, on conviction by a Sessions Court, be liable, in thecase referred to in paragraphs (a) and (b), to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two yearsand to a fine of not less than one thousand ringgit and not more than five thousand ringgit, and,in any other case, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year and to a fine not exceedingtwo thousand ringgit. Offences under paragraphs (a) and (b) shall be seizable offences within themeaning of the Criminal Procedure Code.

(2) Every person who is convicted of a corrupt practice shall, subject to any specific provision tothe contrary in any written law relating to any election, by conviction become incapable of beingregistered or listed as an elector or of voting at any election or of being elected at any election,and if at that date he has been elected at any election, his seat shall be vacated from the date of such conviction:
Provided that such disability shall cease on the expiry of five years from such conviction.


Ok, guys, assuming most of the UMNO-BN mp's are now disqualified in 2004. Remember, they should be disqualified for 2008 election also (see the 5 years period of disqualification). Therefore, most of them should not be contesting in the 2008 election.

Or the other way, now some have been proven guilty, they can be charged, and once charged, and convicted, they will be disqualified from being MP's/ State Assemblymen.

PR should file petition in court over this, and we should have a PR government in place.

The funny part was UMNO's answer regarding this:

Umno treasurer Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi has since filed an application to set aside the judgment. In a six-page affidavit, Abdul Azim argued Elegant Advisory had sued the wrong body as it was BN, the coalition as a whole, and not Umno which contested in the general election.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

One Shot at Life?

Today, this piece of story came out on The Star online. I was very much 'consulted' when my uncle was deciding where would be best for her to pursue her degree.

When reading this article, there's one thing I realised. There are times in life when we only have one shot at doing what we are supposed to do. One example is our first degree. Even if we decide to do another degree, the experience of doing the first first degree is really something.

A good start does not guarantee a good ending. However, some say a good start is half a battle won already. To Hani: All the best...

Deep down, I quite regret my decision not to go to Cambridge or Imperial College. Well, ada la hikmah insyaAllah..

PETALING JAYA: She looks like an ordinary girl-next-door but her achievements are anything but ordinary. At 18, Latifah Hamzah has achieved much more than her peers and her future is looking brighter by the day.

Latifah, or Hani as she is fondly known, will be attending the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Thursday after scoring 45 points – the maximum score – in the International Baccalaureate (IB) examination in May.

Read the rest of the story here

Friday, August 01, 2008

Antara Buaya Darat dan Wanita Lacur

Isu UMNO-PAS membuat satu kerajaan campuran, kini sudah reda. Tn Guru Presiden telah membuat kenyataan rasmi, dan kini Paklah pun mula in denial tentang membuat tawaran-tawaran kerajaan gabungan.

UMNO ibarat laki yang sudah berkahwin. Bila isteri-isteri dah tak mampu beri apa yang dia mampu, dia nampak wanita lain. PAS diberi tawaran pelbagai, untuk tidur dengan UMNO.

Dalam media UMNO, PAS juga sebelumnya kelihatan seperti wanita yang sengaja menguji iman lelaki. Saja mahu lihat sejauh mana UMNO mahu membuat tawaran.

Syukur PAS tolak, kalau tak, PAS mirip perempuan lacur, tidur dengan berbayar. Bila UMNO sudah puas, pasti PAS akan dicampak seperti sampah.

Andai mahu gabung, kita buat saatu parti berasaskan islam. Ini satu tawaran yang telah lama dibuat PAS, tetapi tidak pernah mahu diambil UMNO. Bertahun, berdekad...