نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Internet in Malaysia

Despite all our effort, look at the result of an independent international body on our internet facilities. I thought we have MSC & Cyberjaya and all those intiatives?

News report available here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miscommunication & Misunderstanding

Terlambat sebulan
> Sepasang pengantin yang baru berkahwin 4 bulan. pada suatu malam
> isteri memeluk leher suami dengan nada manja seraya berkata, "
> period i dah lewat sebulan, tapi i tak boleh nak pastikan lagi
> kita kena gi check kat doktor."
> Si suami yang teramat gembira tu pun berpakat dengan isterinya untuk
> tidak emberitahu sesiapa pun tentang perkhabaran gumbira ini
> ianya benar2 pasti.
> Pada suatu hari, pasangan ini di datangi oleh pegawai dari TNB
> terdapat tunggakkan dalam pembayaran bill elektrik rumah mereka.
> Pegawai TNB tu pun berkata " ini rumah En. Mahpus ker?" "iya,
saya ni
> isterinya. ada apa encik"
> Pegawai TNB tu pun berkata, " Puan, ni dah sebulan lewat, saya dah
> boleh tunggu ni, nanti boss saya marah."
> Dengan nada terkejut, si isteri itu pun membalas balik cakap pegawai
> TNB tu." APA??? Macam mana pulak encik tahu yg saya ni sebulan
> Pegawai TNB tu pun dengan selamba menjawab " ala puan, ni kan
zaman IT,
> semua tu ada dalam komputer dan kita boleh check Online"
> Kata-kata pegawai TNB tu membuatkan si isteri tu lagi terkejut.
> "APAAA????Saya lewat sebulan pun awak semua boleh tahuuu??? "
> Pegawai TNB tu pun mententeramkan keadaan" Relek puan, puan ni baru
> lewat sebulan, ada yg lagi teruk, lewat 5-6 bulan"
> Si isteri yg terperanjat beruk dengan kenyataan pegawai tu pun
> berkata, nanti saya bincang dengan suami saya..lalu pegawai TNB
tu pun
> beredar dari situ..
> Keesokkan harinya, selepas si Mahphus ini di beritahu oleh
> dia pun naik berang dan terus ambik cuti dan pergi ke kedai TNB yg
> berdekatan..
> Dengan tanpa menghiraukan pegawai-pegawai TNB yg ramai di situ,
dia pun
> memekik seraya berkata "Apa korang ni, isteri saya sebulan lewat pun
> nak heboh2 ke dalam internet. awak ni semua yg berkeluarga tak
> lewat sebulan kerrrr????!! bisness apa korang buat niii?? nak kena
> kerr???
> Lalu pegawai yg datang kerumah si Mahphus ni berdiri dan
> mententeramkan keadaan. "sabar encik, sabar encik. apa susah, kalau
> nak settlekan perkara ni, bayar je..." kata-kata pegawai TNB tu
> membuatkan si mahphus naik berang.
> > > >
> "APAAA?? nak bayar korang? belahhhh lahh...."
> Lalu pegawai TNB tu pun cakap " kalau macam tu, Kita terpaksa potong
> encik punya..........."
> Si Mahpus mencelah " apa??? potong??? abih tu isteri saya di rumah
> pakai apaaaaaa???
> Pegawai TNB tu pun cakap " nampak gayanye..ISTERI ENCIK KENA

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why PAS cannot win postal votes in Bagan Pinang

Well, since many people have commented on the issue, let me just pen down my thoughts.

1) SPR has no jurisdictions over army & camp.
2) Army camp is under the jurisdiction of the Camp Commanding Officer.
3) Camp Commanding Officer will assign another officer that will be responsible for postal votes, and this officer does not report to SPR.
4) The appointed officer will have almost total control of the running of the postal voting sessions.
5) In the last election, the officer is a strong UMNO supporter. He even had an UMNO flag proudly waving in front of his house.

Come on, at least give us an officer that can be JUJUR and will run the election according to the rules. I don't really care what his stand is, but we want one man who is honest enough to run the election.

And honesty is something scarce in UMNO...

Tea & I

This morning, the weather was a little bit chilly and windy.
I rushed myself back into the office, and prepared a mug of tea.

The tea really reminded me of my student days. Back in my 3rd and 4th year, I spent most of time on weekdays in the NDT/ Vibration Lab in the Queen's Building of the University of Bristol. My lab partner was Adam Bowler, and there were couple more PhD students like Sayeed (Bangladeshi), George (Greek), Angela (French). There were also researches like Ruth & Hee.

Anyway, it was always cold in the lab, and Adam & I always make some tea for ourselves. Adam was always the one preparing tea, whereas me bringing in some biscuits or something else that will go along with it. Adam always had it with 1 sugar, and I with 2. However, there were times when sugar was not available, and somehow we ended up having tea without sugar.

Over time,I have developed the taste for tea without sugar. Until today, I drink tea without sugar, as I do not see the need for sugar.

Well, again, everytime I have tea in a chilly weather, it will remind me of the Tetley tea in the NDT lab. What a reminiscence.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What a shame

There is a news of Teacher jailed for sex with pupil at BBC News website.

The first thing I noticed was there's the photo of an attractive teacher. It was later I realised that she was having a Lesbian fling.

I still wonder why there are so many attractive women become lesbian, and muscular man become gay. Gosh, we are killing the mankind by doing so. If the trend goes on, mankind will face extinction.
..and the teacher does look attractive..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hari Raya at Geelong

Ok, so Raya came. The final iftar was organised at a singaporean-malay, Abg azad who also holds Australian citizenship. It was sad to see so many people enjoyed the food and prayed maghrib very late.

Ihsan came over, and arrived quite late. I had fallen asleep, and alhamdulillah, the phone woke me up so that I could pick him up.

Working on last day of ramadhan

On eid, we prayed at the Geelong Mosque. There was a little confusion regarding the coordination since the hall was small, and there was overflow of people, and the imam was praying somewhere else, and the microphone did not really work. Well, it is only solat sunat, so no big fuss. After prayer, we went to an open house at Bro Wan Akmal's garden (it was bloody chilly) and later went around Geelong, Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, and Serendip at Lara to see the Kangaroos.

At the Black Lighthouse, Queenscliff

Wallabies at Serendip

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spot The Koala Contest V2

Can you spot another koala? It is quite big and obvious. Look carefully


Salam, I read this good news this morning. Dr Abdullah, one of our neighbours in Kangkar Pulai will be released soon.


However, I can assure you that the reason is very political, and not about the behaviour. Dr Dolah is definitely pissed off with the government.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Spot The Koala Contest

This competition is open to all readers of this blog. There is one koala visible in the photo. The first person to be able to spot the koala will receive the prize, that is a photo of koala in nature.
Carila kalau dapat.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Skip Skip Now Great Ocean Road

Ok, let met skip on the life over here. Life is cold, we come to work at 7, we go home by 530. Depending on availability of the car, I'd go to tarawih about 4km away. The first night over here, I walked the distance, and realised it was quite far. Considering the weather and my own safety, I decided not to do it again.

Anyway, on saturday, I went to melbourne to join the qiamullail at the Islamic centre in melbourne. I performed tarawih at the malaysia hall, and met some old friends, and made few new friends over there.

Then I went to qiam at the islamic centre. It was really something, and the imam took 30minutes to perform 2 rakaats. The recitation was superb that you did not feel tired.

Anyway, I took the first train back to Geelong, and was back here by 930am. At 10am, Bob & I took off to the Great Ocean Road.

Koala Showing it's Ass

The 12 Apostles

The 13th Apostle? No, that's me

Special thanks to Zaim & Azam for being a great host. To Ust Husnizul for giving us a lift to the train station. To Karthik for actually giving me lift from Geelong to Melbourne. To Bob for being one good driver but not really so at navigation, and finally to the Koala for showing up.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life at Geelong 3

Once arrived at the apartment, I just fell asleep. Few hours later, I woke up to pray Zuhur, and went to Coles to buy some groceries. I also bought a mobile phone to use in Geelong. It is locked to the network, but I don't think that is a problem since people in LowYat can unlock it once we are back in Malaysia.

Bob and I did not do much that day. We went to the tourist info centre several times to ask for few things, and also for a mosque/ islamic centre.

That afternoon, I walked to the centre about 4km away. I wish I had a bicycle.

Anyway, met the imam and few malaysians overthere. The malaysian community here is not big, so is the muslim community. There is only one masjid here, and a number of halal restaurants (kebab, curry house). The malaysian brother, nizam, took me to their house for a decent malay meal.

I got home around 10pm. It was quite late, considering subuh is at 5am. We had some trouble with the heater in the lounge, so we could not stay there for long. I decided to go to bed rather early.

P/s: Umno pun parti islam juga. Sumber: Utusan

UMNO parti Islam - PM


SIK 10 Sept. - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak menegaskan, UMNO adalah sebuah parti Islam yang sebenar walaupun ia tidak menggunakan label Islam dalam membela dan merancang pembangunan umat di negara ini.

Perdana Menteri berkata, ini kerana perjuangan UMNO adalah untuk membela dan menaik taraf hidup umat Islam termasuk membasmi kemiskinan menerusi pelbagai program kerajaan terutama di rancangan-rancangan Felda.

Beliau berkata, perubahan dalam kehidupan peneroka Felda yang kini menikmati kehidupan lebih baik berbanding dahulu hasil perjuangan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) adalah selari dengan perjuangan Islam.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Life at Geelong 2

I boarded the flight, and was directed to the economy class. Remember, my boarding pass was self checked in, and it does not have the business class colour. I had to argue with the attendant, and only then he allowed me to go to the business class door. The steward was alright, he immediately checked my pass, and showed me to the seat.

I sat next to a man of chinese descendants. He has some business in Melbourne and commutes regularly between Melbourne and KL.

I had trouble trying to get some sleep. The stewardess was busy serving us with food, and by the time I finished everyting, it was already 11pm malaysian time. That is 1am Melbourne time.

I told her to wake me up for sahur. She did just that, and she woke me up to have sahur before Fajr melbourne time. However, the flight has not even reached Adelaide. Since it was served already, I ate them, and waiting for the Subuh, I watched inflight entertainment movie: Angels and Demons. Bloody hell, I finished that even before Subuh. So damn, too early for sahur.

I prayed subuh in flight, and we landed about half an hour afterwards. We retrieve our luggage from the carousel rather quickly, got sniffed by the dog with calibrated nose, and clear the customs. We were already out by 630am.

The first thing I did was step out of the airport to have a feel of the chill air.. It really reminded me of my days in Bristol.

We waited for the Geelong inspection manager to come and greet us. We texted him, but did not get any reply. So we waited.

Fortunately, he looked at the internet, and realised we have arrived, so he rushed to the airport. One thing we later realised was that he gave us a wrong mobile number.

He came and took us to Geelong...

p/s: Rosmah pun khatam quran.. bagaimana dengan anda?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life at Geelong

Continued from last friday..

Yes, we had the Bagan Pinang rep passed away.

The following day, I attended my Kuliah Falsafah Islam, and later went back to PD to pack my stuff. On the way, I stopped by a friend's house for a election preparation meeting.

Rushed back, packed my stuff, tidied the house (so that it can be used by petugas pilihanraya), then I left for the airport.

At the airport, I was told to do self check-in. and I was told to do it rather rudely by the staff overthere. Then, my friend arrived, and he was directed to the special counter since he was on Business Class. When I told him I was on business too, the staff panicked and told me he would have directed me to the counter too if he knew I was on Business.

OK, had iftar at the airport, and bade farewell and went to the MAS Golden Lounge.

Did not spend much time overthere, I boarded the flight...

Friday, September 04, 2009

What an eventful day

Today has been eventful... thank you..

OK, that's a little bit too short.

Ok, let me skip all the wake-up-brush-teeth part, I led the Fajr prayer, and went to work.

I stopped at the Pejabat Daerah to complaint about my water bills. I was quite pissed off, considering I had been making the same complaint every month, and every time, there was no officer to entertain me, and the clerical staff was not really friendly.

This time, the officer was there. As I was about to open the anger floodgate, the officer turned around, and hey, he's my neighbour and he even addressed me by my name.. "ha, ada apa ki?". Wow, all the anger went away, and I see a realistic solution to the long standing issue of my water bills.

Anyway, next, I went to work. This time, I left the key locked in the car. Well, had to spend some time unlocking the car, and after few phonecalls and several attempts, that was sorted.

Later, went to Pejabat Agama to assist a friend with is application to get married. No, it's not about me getting married again..

Then, received the news that ADUN Bagan Pinang Azman Mat Noor just passed away, and another by election is coming this way. Allah, this is a really big news for me, as I would be leaving for Melbourne tomorrow. Feeling a little sad for not being able to participate this time around.

Later, went to KLIA to pick up my wife, and rushed back to PD for a Iftar Jamaie programme with Dato Husam Musa. Later, we would be having a short meeting to prepare for the byelection.