نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007


To be honest, I think equipment and weaponry wise, Singapore Army is way better equipped than us. However, the I am not so sure about the infantry.

Well, here is a picture of Apache ( In case there are people who do not know.. )

The other day, I saw 2 Chinooks roaming close to the Johor coast.. For those who do not know (again), they look like Chewbacca in Starwars..

Well, actually, they don't look like chewbacca.. Chinook looks like this:

But this is not the Chinook that I meant.. the one that I was talking about looks like this:

And Singapore has few of them..
Oh, they have working SkyHawks which they are phasing out by donating them to Indonesia for training purposes, if I am not mistaken, and also F-16's.. Quite a number of them.
Well, what do we have? Ask Najib and Co.. and they can definitely explain, why our military budget is so and so, and why our skyhawks could not fly no more. If you don't believe me, come to UTM, where you can see 2 skyhawks being exhibited.
What a waste...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was in a cab with few other guys from Seraya Chemicals, when I saw two objects on the distant sky, flying quite close together.

Upon closer look, as they flied closer and closer, I realised that they are the APACHE'S.. and in case some people do not know, Apache is a type of helicopter.. a powerful and expensive one.. err.. an offensive type of vehicle..

I knew from my recent reading that Singapore has completed their Apache's assault squad. And, that was the first time I actually see an apache, although it is flying quite a distance above.

Again, I wonder why singapore invested that much in defense?

Well.. Offence is the best defence.. by fully utilising the element of surprise.

Also I read this article this morning..


Well, that simply describes how corrupted our society is. A mayor can simply let loose anyone..


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me a question regarding perception and sensation.. well, i don't know the answer, but that question lead me to another issue which I think is rather important..


There are many times that we choose what we want to see. I demonstrated this to a friend of mine in PD. In one occasion, I asked her to look at a certain direction, and tell me what she can see. And of course the answer is quite different from mine.

The question is, why? what influences one's perception?

The phrase I hate most in SHELL is " you are not looking at the bigger picture", usually came out of the people-of-the-higher-heirarchies' mouth. Who can tell me that his/her picture is the only one right and mine is wrong?

The other night, I was walking in the hotel, heading back to my room after an average dinner alone.. Joining me was two really gorgeous and sexy ladies.. and they were followed by another man.. And we got out of the lift at the same floor, and the man led the ladies to a certain room (It was friday night, by the way).

I don't consider myself the sharpest person on Earth, but I don't have to ask who the ladies are, By a simple observation and analysis (not being judgemental here.. but I am quite sure this is true) I know the ladies are people of the oldest profession or so they say.

There were few other occasions when I am quite dissappointed by people's lack of observation and sensitivity. For example, one should not have to be told not to sit and have conversation at stairs, as this will block other's path. Similarly, standing on escalator side-by-side etc..

I believe, good observation can lead to good anticipation and sensitivity. Just don't get too stressed, as either you may end up as a Genius, or insane...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My days in Singapore

Seraya Island

Today is the 5th day I have been attending this Data Management System course in Singapore. The Company put me at the Meritus Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Rd.


Well, I would say that the hotel is rather satisfactory. I was quite impressed that the first night I was there, I found 3 Fuji Apples in the room.. Welcome pack, they say..

(well, to be honest, the other day, I found boxes of Fuji Apple with "country of origin: China" written on them)

Anyway, came the second night, I could not find the Fuji Apples anymore (of course, the previous batch has been safely digested, i assume...) I pressed '0' and got in touch with the operator..

Hi, I would like to ask a very silly question..

Yes, what it is Sir? (Lovely voice, but I don't like people calling me sir, as far as I can remember, I have never been awarded MBE by the British Monarch).

Yesterday, I found apples in my room, but I don't find any today.. Do I get it only on my first day?

Yes sir, it's our welcoming gift..

Oh really? Should I check in and out everyday for the next two weeks to get the apples? ( I laughed.. and she laughed too.. Oh my God, she sounds really nice.. wonder how she looks... without clothes.. I mean with.. or without.. )

No sir, you shouldn't.. I'll send some apples to you if you want. Room XXXX is it? (cannot be disclosed, since I am still occupying the room)

Ok.. thanks.. can I have your name and phone number? (somehow.. only the OK bit came out)..

And since then, I get 3 apples everyday.. next to my bed..


Hmm, the course is not too bad. The materials and speaker together make a good lullaby.. I always keep drinking mineral water so that I don't fall asleep.. The problem of doing so is that I'd need to go to the loo every hour.. Well, better going to the loo than dozing off in the training room..

The location is Jurong Island. This is a MILITARY PROTECTED area.. and they mean it. You see a marksman in camourflage waiting at one end, trying to see suspicious people.. and if suspicious enough, they would not think twice before shooting them..

Seraya Chemical

I goes to Jurong Island everyday, with my SRC mentor, and the Software instructor. hmm.. we have to scan the passes everyday. and have the car boot checked.. We have been turned down twice by the taxi driver when we mentioned Jurong Island.. too much hassle.

The food is marvellous though. We'd have one brunch at 10.. and then lunch at 12.. and then snack at 3.. and go home at 5.. Comes 5, we'll get a cab home.. and dinner is on the company too..

I try to make it compulsory for me to go to Al-falah mosque nearby. The mosque reminds me of being in the UK, where u find mosque without minarets or dome.. simple praying room, with classrooms.. and ablution facilities.

Dinner, I have been going to different restaurants around Orchard Rd. Price comes second, since the main priority is to find halal meals. It is really convenient here, since all halal restaurants will have MUIS (Singapore Islamic Council) certification displayed at the door. Better than being in Malaysia, where the halal/haram issue is merely verbal guarantee.. Ditanggung halal, who knows who actually is carrying the responsibility.

OK guys, I have to log off soon.. I have a taxi to catch..


Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 went by, and here comes 2007

Dear All,

Sorry for being quiet for the past few days.. or is it weeks? Well, I simply could not remember. It had been my intention all these whiles to update the blog... It's simply I was not in the mood, or I could not spare a minte to do so when I was in the mood.

Things have not changed much, apart from the fact that I finally managed to go home last weekends. It was a rather long one, considering I took a day off, plus another 2 public holidays.. Raya Haji and the New Year. All in all, I had five-days break.

Hmm it was really good to be back home, although I was quite dissappointed with my dad. The first thing he said to me when he saw me was 'Go have a haircut', rather than asking about my well-being. Well, I guess that's his way... I simply have to accept that people do things differently.

What else, the weekend before, I watched this perbarisan tamat latihan (graduation march, is it?) for the army recruits that had just finished their training in PD. The march was really astonishing and impressive. Pictures to follow soon..

What else.. hmm could not think of anything. Apparently, tonight, the company is going to conduct a majlis doa selamat for our safe process throughout the Boiler and Furnace shutdown.

Oh, flood hit the state where my parents are staying. Praise be to God that it did not affect us badly, although it did affect many of my friends and fellow citizens.

I did my first presentation since joining SRC. Hmm, I would say that I did average.. not too bad but not excellent either..

2006 reminds me of my final months of scholastic years.. and 2007 should make me realise that I have the real school ahead of me.. The school of life..

After all those many years, I think I have learnt so much from the world.. Malaysians and British alike... not to mention those who helped me and troubled me during my travels and journeys...

and should I not be contributing back to the community?