نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim and Sodomy

Recently, there's another story regarding Anwar Ibrahim getting implicated in another sodomy case. This time, he's 61 years old. Gosh, this guy cannot even go upstairs/downstairs without proper support. I do not believe he can even hold this 23 year old boy, unless the boy was really willing to do it.

Anyway, that point aside, I believe the whole thing was a scam, orchestrated by the PKR themselves. I just do not see any benefit this issue would bring to UMNO/BN, and I believe the BN think tank is not that stupid either.

My 'conspiracy theory':

1) This boy is really a PKR boy. His special case (assistant but not PKR member) is purposely created to make him look like a 'spy'.

2) This boy filed the report on sunday, so that Anwar got a CHEAP publicity. Doing so, the general public cannot avoid to think that the BN government is behind this.

3) The picture of that boy with DPM aide was planned, and purposely distributed just 24 hours after the report. It does not make sense that PKR/Anwar does not select his personal assistant carefully.

4) Anwar going to Turkish embassy is just another way of getting cheap publicity. Now, everyone will really think that the BN government/ top officers (well, someone did get away with altantuya) have plan to assassinate Anwar.

5) Assassination plan just make a nice topping for the story. Now, Anwar's life is in danger, even though I do not think anyone wants to do it. Any harm done unto Anwar will be a 'benefit' to PKR.

6) Anwar will be forced to leave turkish embassy, since he is under investigation. Police will have to come and take him away, and this would tarnish BN image even further. It will seem like the government does not care about Anwar's welfare, and is willing to put his life in danger, as long as they are satisfied ( the police is just doing their job, man).

7) If the plan goes well, Anwar will get shot/ harmed. PKR is going to announce a re-election, to allow Anwar to enter parliament. During campaigning, Anwar will get shot and non-fatal location. This will ensure him winning the by-election due to people's sudden sympathy for him and PKR.

8) The 'assassination game' may come a little later, maybe after Anwar has got into parliament. PKR will somehow ensure it is perfectly executed, and Anwar will lead a revolting nation, and finally becomes the new PM.

Well, these are my conspiracy theories. But hell, I do not believe the Anwar/PKR sodomy-assassination game at all. I believe, UMNO/BN people are not that stupid. I hope they are not anyway. I choose to believe that they are not super-duper dumb, but who knows if they really are...


Friday, June 20, 2008

Dewan Pemuda PAS Selangor?

Well, recently there was this so-called dispute between the Youth wing of PAS Selangor, with the Royals of the same state.

I don't want to comment on the issue, but I really want to comment on the attitude. I think, it is the moment that PAS youth realise their own potential, and start behaving like a government, rather than opposition. They are the government, for God's sake.

If you worry about the intermingling between males and females, have there been any clear separation when you organise a demonstration? And why do you discount the demonstration?

Ok, if you say it is about the entertainment, and the gelek, let me tell you, there are more damaging occurrences out there. Why don't PAS, being the ruler, try to control the function, tailor it, so that you can still have them around, and your supporters around, instead of being seen as an opposition in the ruling government.

Please PAS youth, GROW UP

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I cycle to work, I eat one meal a day, Change my Lifestyle?

With the increasing fuel price, life has become more strangling. Many people have become desperate, and this is and will be manifested by the increase in crime rate in our country.

When I was in form 2, I was beaten up by several thugs over RM200 plus.

Last weekend, I was walking around Seremban. I just received my deposit money, the amount I lent to PAS for the election. Apparently, someone must have seen me carrying the money.

As I got to my car in a carpark, one car just stop right behind my car, that prevent me from going out. I should have seen the 3-men team's ill intention. They came asking for help. To cut the story short, with their quick hands and others, they walked away with a good half of the thousands ringgit of the deposit money. Daylight ROBBERY.

So, that was it. I am going to get something for dinner tonight. My last meal was dinner two days ago.

So now, I cycle to work everyday. I eat one meal a day at most (and there are times when I only have one meal in two days like today). So, tell me PakLah, what else do I need to change, so that I can cope with the inflation and the rising cost of living? Oh I know, I should stop blogging and find part time job so that I can feed myself.

I would not be surprised if one day PakLah legalises prostitution and sex-industry (like what Dr Mashitah said months ago) so that people can have a 'decent' living. How ironic is that?

Pemimpin penipu. Tidur dalam kenyang ketika rakyat berlapar.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Simple Calculation

I have been pondering about how much money Malaysia has gained from the crude oil we are pumping out of our seabed. Let me present this simple calculation for you.

Malaysia is not a member of OPEC. One of the reasons is that, our production does not reach 1million barrel a day. Therefore, we remain a non-member and do not have much say in determining the crude price.

I am sure everyone is aware of the crude price. USD130 per barrel, USD140 per barrel. But one has to know that the price of crude differs between crude sources. The one that is being used as the marker is Brent, an oilwell in North Sea. This is a very high quality crude, and therefore, the price is treated as the ceiling price. Other crudes will follow the price rise usually in the same pattern.

Let us do this calculation

From our 650,000 barrel per day production, say we sell them at USD120 per barrel. From this amount, let's assume the oil operators (Shell, Exxon, and Petronas) take their cut of 40% (depending on their acreage agreement). This leave Malaysia with USD47m or RM150m a day. This money should 100% belong to Rakyat Malaysia, considering Petronas should have had their share, and they should not be too greedy in making profit.

Now, let's look at our consumption. At the rate of 450000 barrel a day, and product (gasoil, gasoline) price is around USD140 per barrel, this would cost the nation USD63m or RM202m a day.

At the previous price (around RM2), people will pay for about USD42m a day, or RM134m. The government, on the other hand will have to subsidise USD21m or RM67m a day.

Based on that calculation, the nation is still banking in USD28m or RM83m a day. And this amount translates to about RM30b a year.

Don't forget, that's not all that the government has. The other 40% (remember the 40% of crude income that goes to the operators) will be taxed as in corporate tax from the company profits, the income tax of the employees, and other relevant taxes.

If 25% of this 40% amount goes to the government, the nation would have an extra RM25m or USD8m a day. The amount is estimated around USD2.8b or RM9b a year. This easily covers the subsidy amount the government WAS giving every day.

And mind you, that was the profit the nation was making when crude is at USD120 per barrel. At USD130 pb, one can only expect more income to the nation.

With the new subsidy scheme, the government would spend around USD6.3m or RM20m a day. This amounts to RM7.3b a year.

I have done more calculation, and assuming our crude is being sold at USD120pb, and product around USD140pb, the government will bag around RM51b, that is RM19b more than the income from previous year.

And that if we assume Malaysian crude (Tapis n co) is sold at USD120pb. I have done further calculation and it can be seen that the national income will increase with increase in crude price.

Yes, there is more money, and let's hope the government will be wise enough in spending it. I don't fully support the subsidy system. But I think it is time the nation per capita income be reviewed, and the poverty level is redefined.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling Sick and Unable to Sleep

I am not feeling well. Very unwell to be honest. It has been quite a while since I last became unwell.

And I could not sleep as well. The only moment I feel rather comfortable is when I am taking shower. Should I spend the whole night under the hose?

God, please help me.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A Good Way of Saving Fuel

Sunday, June 08, 2008

When the boss calls in sick

Friday, June 06, 2008

Super Bad Day Yesterday

Yesterday (Friday) was a holiday for Shell staff. Yet I decided not to go home (JB), instead spending it here to finish some of my business.

The day started quite bad, when I had to go to senawang for a Welder Qualification Test. The test started late, and even the third-party representative came late. Even so, he spent some time checking his mail and 'main-main' internet before starting the test. Sabar, sabar.

Then, I had to run to the KTM station to buy a komuter ticket to KL. There were around 50 people (or more) lining up, and they only kept one counter open. I do not know why, but I saw the supervisor (I think) watching from behind. I believe the job of a supervisor is to supervise, and ensure everything runs smoothly. If one of your man is missing, the responsibilities is yours. Damn, very bad attitude.

I saw 2 trains departed while I was on the queue. Then, right after the second one departed, they opened another counter. A bloke tried to jump queue, but I told him on his face that many have lined up before him, and he should shut up and stay behind. Sabar, Sabar.

Got to KL. Did what I have to do. Only then I was informed that this company has another branch in Taman Universiti, which, had I gone home, it would have been easier for me to settle my business there. Damn.

I hopped on board another komuter south-bound (1810). The train was super crowded. I saw a friend of mine, which invited me to accompany him to midvalley MPH. Basically, he is entitled to 40% on any book purchased because he works for a certain company. I told him I could not do so, since I need to go home, and taking other train would make me miss the connecting bus from Seremban to PD.

While calling at Bandar Tasik Selatan, one of the door was stuck, and everyone had to vacate the train. It took quite a while before I managed to slot myself into one of the komuters, due to overcrowding.

I arrived at Seremban slightly after 830pm, and by this time, I was sure there was no connection anymore. It was confirmed by the lady at the bus station. I had to call a friend to pick me up from Seremban, so that I could go home.

That was the day that was. I should have gone home (JB), spend some time with my family, do my laundry over there, finish my business/account stuff etc. Everything seem so much perfect had I gone home, although one can never be so sure.

The lesson here is that, go home whenever your mum wants you to be home....

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Tension Building Up for Euro 2008

This is the picture that has been causing an uproar in Germany and Poland, ahead of their Euro2008 clash.

I just hope that no-one reproduce similar picture, with PakLah's head on one hand, and Najib's on the other. People are still fuming at the recent fuel price hike. One demonstration is ON in Seremban today, and 9am.

To everyone that has nothing else to do (I have to go to work, sad), just tag along, and enjoy the gathering.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Confirmed: Fuel Price is UP & Stupid Work Minister

Yes, Pak Lah has announced that the price of fuel will be:

ULG97: RM270
ULG92: RM2.62
Diesel: RM2.58

Told you guys yesterday to fill up the tanks, but not many were listening.

When I was on my way home from work, I saw around 30 cars lining up at a little SHELL station nearby. And that station has only 4 bays.

Looking at a more positive side: many will consider alternative transportation to commute to work now.

I really hope the subsidy will come in monetary/ tax reimbursement form, and I think that is better than giving a flat-subsidy to everyone. Then it is more controllable how much subsidy one is raking at end of year. Flat rate= RM3000 for example. I hope the government will free the market.

Another issue appeared in the paper today: The public has to pay for toll upgrade in Seremban. It is great isn't it? We have to pay for the renovation, rm168m in total, and later, we still have to pay the toll when we use our self-built toll. What the hell the government is thinking? Seems that the new Work Minister is just as dumb as Sammy, if not dumber.

All the best, malaysians

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fuel Price Coming UP?

Late afternoon yesterday, an article appeared on The Star, that a new fuel policy was going to take effect on Wednesday ( with immediate effect). This is to avoid any further speculation.

Previously, Shahrir Samad mentioned that the new scheme might take place in August. Basically, PakLah with all his authority has overwritten his cabinet minister.

The question is, can we trust Pak Lah in this? Remember the No-Parliament-Dissolution-Tomorrow Fiasco, back in February 2008.

So, let's wait and see how much fuel would cost today.

On the sidenote, I believe that the price of fuel should not be regulated. I have to say that market competitiveness driving fuel price down is something not going to happen here, it is still imperative that we free the fuel market from any subsidy.

At the moment, the nation is losing a lot due to exploitation on the system by the foreigners. I suggest that everyone buy fuel at the real price, and if the government want to subsidised the item, it can be done on reimbursable basis, paid at the end of year, or by tax rebate. For non-tax payer, special scheme can be devised to accommodate this.

Same can be said of our hospital and health benefit, being hijacked by the singaporeans. We have to do something...