نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

kronologi eksiden adik aku?

1) adik aku reverse, dan terlanggar kereta kat belakang (teksi)
2) En pakcik teksi (bukan nama sebenar) keluar, dan menjerit2 marah
3) kata adik aku: takpe pakcik, saya boleh bayar (seronok aa pakcik tu). tapi kalau pakcik tipu saya, saya jumpa pakcik kat akhirat (like he cares)
4) adik aku memberi rm300 kepada en pakcik teksi, dan dia terus bla..
5) adik aku bawak gi workshop, nak repair. ahboon cakap rm30-40
6) adik aku call mak aku, dan mengeluarkan ayat2 pelik
7) adik aku disoal siasat oleh mak aku, dan dengan mudahnya, terkantoi.
8) adik aku kena marah sebab cuba sorokkan, dan pandai2 buat benda2 camtu.. sedangkan insurans patut cover kereta aku dan kereta pakcik teksi.
9) mak aku call, pujuk adik aku
10) aku call, dan berjaya menggelakkan adik aku. haha, kena tipu dgn pakcik teksi. ntah2, pakcik tu takde lesen teksi pun, dah expired ke. pastu, dia dapat rm300 free aje.

semua cerita ini adalah rekaan semata-mata

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Breaking the silence: Entertainment

I have been rather quiet for the past few weeks. There were so many issues to comment on, so many things to talk about. Yet, the snail-pace internet connection really put me off from writing.

1) Siti- Datuk K v Ina-Mawi

Alhamdulillah, at last, our pop-diva got herself married to a datuk. I don't want to say much about her selection of groom, just that may Allah help them find success in this life and the hereafter.

Regarding the statistics that said 6.8 m people watched siti, while 4.3 watched ina, I think the statistics were simply incorrect. After talking to so many people, most of them said they were flicking between the two channels throughout the procession. Maybe many people did watch the early part of the bersanding. Then, people simply got bored at seeing the kids jumping and dancing around, they switched to ina-mawi, and later, they switched again.

2) Sharifah Amani

As expected from one of these brats, who think so highly of themselves since they can speak english. She should have said: I am so stupid for having to sell my face, to make some amount of money. Even people like Tan Sri Ainuddin or Prof DiRaja Ungku will never say such thing. Interestingly, one of the British RAF (in case you don't know amani, it is royal air force) air squadron used SARANG TEBUAN JANGAN DIJOLOK (yes as it is, in Malay) as the motto. You see, even the British can appreciate our language. Unfortunately, people like you simply want to destroy the language, because you see it as unfit for such events.

3) Fazura

Another kind of stupid celebrity. With such good look, she does not need to hit the other woman for flirting with her boyfriend. If the boyfriend is one of those menggatal types, just leave him, and find a better one. If he is not, then you fazura should have more confidence in yourself, a self-belief that you deserve that man. Not that insecurity-induced type of behaviour.

4) Rita vs Lis

Another fight between two actresses, to decide who's the winner of the battle royale. Kind of unsolved.

5) Cabbies:

I have been spending my holiday mostly in JB and KL. I've been attending weddings in KL for 3 weekends in a row. Yes 3 (three). I remember, on one occasion, I was looking for a cab to go to a mosque to pray zuhr. I stopped a hastily-driven cab to go from ASiS ( or SAS) to masjid saidina uthman. The driver looked rather restless, but when I said 'masjid saidina uthman', he replied 'oo boleh (of course)', and a broad smile took shape on his face. As I asked the cab driver for the fare, he simply told me not to pay, since he himself was on his way to the mosque to perform zuhr. We may have been entertained by news about bad cab-drivers. the muderers, the rapists, the robbers and many others. But, we sometimes forget that the religious, pious, god-remembering species does exist. May Allah reward this pakcik teksi accordingly. ameen

on another occasion, an indian uncle gave me a lift to the damai station. As i left, he was shouting for something, making signals of.. oh duit kopi. I gave him 2 ringgits... just how contradicting people can be...

6) Job Hunting
Job hunting is still going on. I visited FRIM, kind of impressed with the infrastructure, but I afraid I really am lacking experience. Anyway, I am still considering the job at the back of my mind. Other than that, I talked to capt halim, my cousin.. and thought that being a pilot is not that bad. not bad at all, although definitely I should have started earlier. Well, we shall see. I won't be surprise to see myself singing in the coming AF5 (that is if i remain jobless until next year).

More to follow.. on good-connection day

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Well, it has been almost two weeks now. I still haven't officially got any job although I think few companies are really interested in employing me.

Anyway, I have had the opportunity to listen to friday sermon in Masjid Sultan Ismail, UTM. UTM is under the federal government administration (sort of), under the ministry of education. Therefore, UTM can be considered as a federal-territory, hence free from following the text prepared by Majlis Agama Islam Johor. Because of that, imams in UTM tend to write their own khutbah, following few guidelines provided by MAIJ.

Usually, the issue is more interesting than that which is preached outside. UTM's touches mostly on current issues, on a more intelectual point-of-view. Because of that, the khutbah seems more appealing to the academic community in the campus.

The first khutbah that i listened to was on the expulsion of Bani Qainuqa'. I was quite sleepy at that moment, but somehow the khutbah managed to wake me up. This is rather an unusual phenomenon in the country (refer abn's page).

The second one was about khaybar. How the prophet s.a.w marched to khaybar and finally Ali r.a managed to break open the enemy's defence line and forced the enemy to surrender.

Well, more interestingly, they also put up a powerpoint presentation alongside. This proved to be very helpful, especially for the foreign students.

Enough for the time being. Allah is calling, haiya 'ala ssalah. For a refreshing and non-monotonous experience, please come and perform jumuah prayer here.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Father, The Son and The Holy Goh

Today, Singaporeans celebrate thier 41st Independence day. They call the country 'an accidental nation'.

Well, there's new religion spreading. There is this new trinity concept.. The Father (Lee Kuan Yew), The Son ( Lee Hsien Loong) and The Holy Goh (Goh Chok Tong).

And they seem unstoppable..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Alhamdulillah, saya telah selamat kembali ke tanah air. Penerbangan selama 12 jam London-Kuala Lumpur sungguh sangat menyakitkan kepala. Tidak boleh tidur, tidak juga cergas untuk berjaga.

4 tahun saya tinggal di Bristol, dan saya berasa sedikit kasihan melihat umat melayu di sana, atau mungkin juga di UK secara amnya.

senario 1
Orang barat kencing berdiri, orang islam kencing duduk. Orang melayu kencing di tandas cangkung. Bila datang ke UK berasa canggung hendak kencing duduk di tandas duduk. Terasa ingin berdiri sahaja, terlupa pula sunnah nabi s.a.w. Malangnya, orang barat, sebelum kencing, sentiasa beringat untuk mengangkat alas duduk. Orang melayu yang sesat budaya kencing ala barat, cuma lupa untuk mengangkat alas duduk. Ialah, kita mana pernah punya alas duduk bagi tandas cangkung.

Maka lihatlah rumah-rumah melayu, habis kekuningan alas duduk tandas rumah..

senario 2
Orang arab punya masjid sendiri. Orang pakistan punya masjid sendiri. Masing-masing tidak mahu mengalah. Yang arab berpuasa dan berhari raya mengikut masjid arab saudi. Yang pakistan pula mengikut masjid di benua kecil India. Timbul pula umat melayu. Seringkali mengikut-ikut tiupan angin.

Bagaimana dengan umat melayu? Ada yang berfatwa kita harus mengikut malaysia. Ada pula yang menyarankan agar diikut malaysia hall/msd london. Mereka ikut siapa pula? Selalunya, seringkali umat melayu kelihatan mempermudah-mudahkan agama. Akhirnya, berpuasa selalu sehari lewat, berhari raya pula sehari awal. Aduh, pening kepala.

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