نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Haniff Basree Stabbed Norita but got away with it?

Finally, Haniff Basree was acquitted of all charges that associated to Norrita’s murder case.

I had a casual conversation with my dad. How come someone who admitted having illegitimate sex with another woman, was never questioned by Mahkamah Syariah, and even the wife was willing to accept her. He may have escaped the High Court, but the Mahkamah Syariah should start taking legal actions against him, a married adulterer.

The converstion with my dad:

I: Macam mana dia ni boleh lepas semua tuduhan, mahkamah syariah pun tak dakwa dia pasal berzina, sedangkan dia dah mengaku? (How come this guy escaped everything, mahkamah syariah included, eventhough he admitted committing adultery?)

Dad: Nak buat macam mana, undang-undang Negara kita kata tikam macam tu tak kira membunuh. (Well, our law stated that the kind of stabbing he committed does not constitute murder)

I: Tikaman macam mana baru dikira bunuh (what kind of stabbing will be considered murder)?

Dad: Dengan pisau la kot (Using knife probably)

I: Habis tu, Haniff tikam norita dengan apa, sampai boleh lepas (What did he use for stabbing, that he got away with it)?

Dad: Dengan kote (with his dick)!!!

Well Haniff (read: Najib), enjoy the freedom that you have in this world. In the hereafter, it will definitely be a different story

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Malay Ruler or Just Ruler?

Many have been spoken regarding the last GE result. One of them is the number of non-malay representatives be it in Barisan Rakyat-controlled states, or the Parliament.

Let me answer this question once and for all. I used to stay for 4 years in the UK, and being honest with everyone, I enjoyed it very much. I wish I never had to come back.

I think if you ask this very same question to most of the oversea students, doctors, engineers, professionals, even cleaners, they would give you similar answers.

For the ultra-malay/bumiputra-fanatics (read: racist), let me give you the reason why.


Who amongst us do not fancy living under the British Prime Minister, whose system provides the islamic banking system, and more just distribution of wealth..

and is he Muslim? Is he malay? Does he have any sort of NEP backing his distribution of national treasure? I'm afraid the answer is NO.

I do not have to give you examples of muslim leaders, yet you find muslims running away from their home country.

The Prophet s.a.w was a Quraisy, and the meccans were mostly Quraisy. Why did he order the companions to migrate to Habsyah, who was ruled by a black christian King? Put that into perspective? The answer is, the Quraisy administration, led by Dato Seri Abu Jahal and Tun Abu Lahab were all oppressing them. They were ZALIM. And because of that the muslim had to leave their 'tanahair' eventhough they were bumiputras overthere, to live as immigrants in a foreign land, led by a fair NON-MUSLIM ruler.

So, who cares if there is no NEP? Who cares if our PM is non-muslim? If the policy is more islamic and upholds the justice, I will try my best to support what is adil. Because ADL is part of Islam, and ZULM is not.

Apa ada pada nama islam, jika sistem tidak islamik?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
A fart by any other name would smell as shit

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A week without car

Sunday 16th March 2008, I got involved in an accident. My first traffic accident in my 8 years of driving. Well, some blemishes to my 'clean driver' status, as I also got my first ticket for hitting another car from behind.

So, I lost my car (well, it is still in the workshop), and I will lose a further RM200 for the fine.

Since that day, I have been cycling to work. YES: Cycling in malaysia. I guess, that would qualify me to sit in one of the WWF endangered species list. So much endangered that not many people cycle to work in malaysia, and further less survive to tell the tale anyway.

In addition to the intense activities I had been part of for the past few weeks, I have managed to reduce my weight below the 70kg mark for the first time since my Uni years. The cycling part really is rewarding.

Yesterday, I was in seremban looking for a transport to come home (PD). Not only I had to stand all the way to PD, the bus was so crowded that I only finally managed to get a place (standing) in the last bus of the night. I had to watch the previous 2 busses departed for being overcrowded.

Having to stabilise myself, I grabbed one beam, attached on the overhead. And thankfully, I got minor electric shock for that. Then I realised that everyone wrapped their hand with plastic bag or some sort before holding to it. Thank you for not telling man.

No car, electric shock.. well let's wait what this coming week will present.

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Latest Updates on KJ

Che'gu Bad team was denied Borang 14 by the SPR/ Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM). What made me curious was that, we had been cheated using this Borang 14 many times, I am surprised that PKR was not prepared for this.

I went to Polling Agent/ Counting Agent courses couple of times before the election. One of them was conducted by PKR, and the presenter was also from PKR. He reminded us many times, that bring spare Borang 14, because it is very common that SPR do not have spare Borang 14 when BA agents ask for it. BRING SPARE.

So, we made copies of Borang 14, and for every saluran, we had 2 in the files. Ready.

Yet, I am surprised that PKR forgot to do this, and of all places, in Rembau. This really made me curious, as if something fishy was going on.

And if SPR denied giving the form, as stipulated in clause 8.2 in Agent guidelines handbook, PKR should have written objection letter, signed by the SPR personnel, with the official stamp. Now, where is the objection letter? Or was it PKR Agents were so excited that they were leading in the count that they forgot to ask copy of Borang 14?

God knows the truth.

Semua dijemput datang ke Kenduri Perdana Rakyat 15 Mac 2008, 8 malam di depan Pusat Gerakan PRU 12 keADILan Rembau (belakang Pej. Daerah Rembau)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Erection Minister Circumcised, and Papa Jahat at Large

Well, Zam the erection minister was circumcised this time.

Anyway, I am writing the entry based on rumours, regardless how illogical it may seem. So, if the rumours proven to be true, then this would be a valid argument. Otherwise, just dump this in the bin.

Khairy's win is definitely arguable.

1) Rumour has it that 2 postal ballot boxes arrived quite late, and that made Khairy victorious. On the other hand, SPR rule stated that ballots must arrive before 5pm. So, how come these boxes arrived after 5pm and still taken into count? Did PKR made any objection that night?

2) Rumour has it that only Khairy was allowed to enter the Pusat Penjumlahan, while the opposition candidate was denied entry. How can this happened? Did PKR made any objection that night?

3) Rumour has it that they had 3 recounts, before Khairy was officially announced the winner. How can the recount at Pusat Penjumlahan, while before this, SPR told us, the opposition that recount can only be requested once. Even so, that has to be done at the polling station, and not Pusat Penjumlahan. Did PKR made any objection that night?

Was SPR bending the rules for Khairy?

Rumour has it that the ballot papers were taken from PD. People question that if that was the case, would not the counting agent realise that the names on the ballot papers were different. Yes, he should have noticed, but if you ever have experienced being a counting agent, there was barely enough time for you to look at the names. You simply look at the symbol and decide where the vote goes to..

So, is Khairy's win genuine or is he simply a liar just like his father in law is?

You decide...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

With PRU-12 Now Over

Yes, now the election result is out, many of the younger generation and of the opposition supporters are elated.

Now, kedahans can sing "Hijau Putih warnaku, Darul Aman Negeriku"

And sahabat in Selangor and Perak can enjoy the shining moon.

Nik Aziz was so astonished that it was a walkover in Kelantan. We were expecting a bloody battle, considering the amount of money BN was pumping in to their campaign overthere. Awang Adek expression said everything. From a man thinking of becoming Menteri Besar Kelantan, he looked so much devastated.

Couple of months ago, I felt like running away from this country. I had lost all the remaining hope seeing how our system being manipulated by the corrupted administration. I applied for a scholarship in the Netherlands, with the main motivation was to get away from this country, and never to come back.

I finally got involved with the Majlis Tindakan DUN, and I realised that there's still hope, and we can actually still see some silver linings behind the clouds. Came 1st March, I decided not to submit the application, and stay here, settle down, and work here. And just keep the opportunity at the back of my mind, and maybe I will re-apply after another general election.

And malaysians came out to vote on 8th March. I was hoping that we'd win the state seat, but we did not. However, the Alternative Alliance still won many seats, and even managed to take over few states, more than expected. The scenario raised the hope inside me. Yes, malaysians are not selfish. Yes, we can do more. Yes, we want to see changes. Yes, we want to do away with the corrupt administration. Malaysians, you rock.

Thank you malaysians for rejuvenating the hope. I'll end the entry with a quote from Malaysiatoday..

Thank you Malaysians, for having the confidence to opt for change.
Thank you Malaysians, for grabbing back power and handing it back to the people.
Thank you Malaysians, for giving back Malaysia its future.
Thank you Malaysians, for believing that your one vote can make a difference.
Thank you Malaysians, for ensuring that my grandchildren will have something to look forward to.