نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام ، فهما طلبنا العزة بغيره ، أذلنا الله

We are the people whom Allah honoured through Islam, so whenever we seek honour other than it, Allah will disgrace us.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tentang Cinta

Lama mendiamkan diri.

Semalam bertemu seorang rakan, dan beliau meminjamkan sebuah buku yang dipinjamkan oleh adik beliau kepadanya. Tujuannya, agar abangnya dapat mengambil hati kawan baik adiknya itu, yang juga teman seusrah adiknya.

Buku itu bertajuk TENTANG CINTA. Bila mula buka buku tersebut, rasa berdebar-debar pula. Mungkin seakan perasaan Jared membuka buku Arthur Spiderwick's field guide. Mungkin juga kerana tarikh perkahwinan saya yang tidak sampai 5 bulan lagi.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Debat Minyak: Anwar v Shabery

While many have given their comments regarding Anwar vs Shabery debate. Many said that Shabery was not professional, bombarding Anwar with personal attack, rather than answering the issue.

What many have not realised is that:

1) Why did Shabery do that? He was not at loggerhead with Anwar before for him to launch the attack. Was the script written by someone else (Rembau? Kepala Batas? Pekan?) and was he not merely the messenger boy? ( I tend to believe so)

2) Why did Shabery do that? Was he trying to tarnish Anwar's image, or was he trying to provoke Anwar, so that he lost focus and not concentrating on the main issue of the debate? That strategy simply did not work, and Anwar managed to refrain himself from retaliating, until the last minute, when he commented, and announced he would be contesting in a by-election soon.

3) Why did the debate go on in the first place? As I have said many many times before, why was Anwar allowed airtime on the television at prime hours? Why PAKLAH ever allowed this? Has the debate shown how much credibility Anwar has, compared to NAJIB (yes Najib, not Shabery)?

4) What was the motive behind the debate? To allow Anwar to humiliate a cabinet minister? To show Paklah was very open minded? To highlight Anwar's capacity to lead the nation? Just to obtain ideas on boosting the national economy? To tarnish MAHATHIR's image by revisiting the IPP contracts?

5) Again, was there any pre-agreement between Anwar and Paklah, to highlight Anwar's personality, and reduce Najib's political ambition to rubble? And did not the incident yesterday simply spice up the whole event (or drama?)

My personal view is that there is nothing wrong if Anwar wants to work with Paklah to kill Najib's political career. The lesser of the two evils. If Najib ever becomes a Prime Minister, I wonder berapa ramai lagi anak dara rakyat yang terpaksa dikorbankan, menjadi gundik2 pemimpin, seperti zaman kesultanan melayu dahulu.

Will Anwar/Paklah camps be able to finish off Najib this time around?

Transformers, more than meet the eyes...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar's arrest

I have been rather quiet lately. It was simply because I could not put my thoughts together. Celaru.

And today's news on DSAI, well, it was inevitable to begin with. I was expecting the arrest to come yesterday, prior to the debate. Seemed that the BN played a more tactical game, by allowing Anwar to speak first, before arresting him.

Motive: Many are still unsure of what benefit it can bring to UMNO/BN.

Is it because of Anwar's 38 MP's going to cross over comes September claim (as chegu bad mentioned couple of days ago?). And this does not include the 2 SAPP MPs. If so, is it still going to proceed without Anwar in the Parliament?

Is this part of Anwar-Paklah agreement (if it truly exists), to kill off Najib's political career? If it is, then why the hell Anwar has to be arrested? Are we going to get another quotation from Paklah which would sound something like "I am sure Najib WILL NOT influence police in their investigation", which is basically doing reverse psychology?

2 weeks ago, a friend of mine has hinted at this. He said "wait, we will get the better picture two weeks from now". And this friend of mine has got good connections with people at Putrajaya. I never expected it would take this turn.

Anwar announced that he'd be contesting in a by-election very soon. I assume, one PKR MP will be vacating his post, to allow Anwar to contest. Where? When? Is this part of the plan, to prevent Anwar from contesting?

Hell, cannot think of anything anymore. My part of town is Blackout at the moment. It is weird, since the Stesen janaelektrik Tunku Jaafar is about 1km from my house, and there are two other IPPs close by. This is what Anwar described last night, about having the 40% stand-by capacity, that never really kick-in when you have a blackout.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

How do you measure Inside diameter

Well, I still remember when I was at secondary school, we were told to use 'Angkup dalam' or inside caliper to measure the inside diameter of anything with internal surface.

Working in inspection now, we have another tool called Bowers micrometer. It is basically a normal micrometer, but measures the inside diameter, instead of outside. The three-legged probe will expand outwards when you turn the black handle clockwise, until you hear the rat-tat-tat sound, which indicates that you have reached the maximum expansion (the inside diameter). Then, you can read the value, near the handle there. The three-legged system will definitely gives you more accurate reading, compared to the 2 points measurement. Oh, make sure you calibrate the device before taking the measurement, using the calibration block (the block with a centre hole of a specific/ known diameter).
I wonder if the doctors at the General Hospital used similar tool to check on Saiful Bukhari. If so, then we can rename this device as the "Saiful's micrometer". I wonder how they calibrate their device in the first place. How or whose...

Anyway, it is time that malaysians step forward and let the world notify us. Malaysia Boleh!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Real Identity of Judas and DSAI v Najib

The normal literature tells us that Judas betrayed Jesus, by telling the Roman administration where Jesus was, so that he could be punished under the sedition act.

Many do not know, the existence of the Gospel of Judas. The book described that Judas was Jesus's closest friend. He knew, all along, the true mission of Jesus, that was to die for the other people's sin. In order for Jesus to fulfill his mission, Judas had to play the 'traitor' role, sacrificing his popularity in Christianity, being cursed for the next thousands of years. He was the true friend, the one who understood Jesus, and stood up for the challenge and curse. And this was the silent secret, only known to Jesus and Judas.

Judas sacrificed himself, so that Jesus could achieve the greater Glory.

The multi million question is, is there any secret between Anwar and Saiful, so that Anwar can achieve a greater glory?


1) Anwar recently met PakLah, and after that the sodomy case was brought to surface. Looking at the current situation, Najib was the one on the losing side over the whole issue. Could there be an agreement between Anwar's and PakLah's camp to kill Najib's political career?

2) Saiful may not be a PKR boy, but certainly, he is not a Najib's boy. He maybe a KJ's boy, being manipulated by both camps (KJ & Anwar) so that PakLah can start 'accusing' Najib over the sodomy allegation.

3) KJ has a greater scheme, that is to kill off Najib, and somehow, occupy Anwar with this issue. Doing so may deter the crossover plan and Anwar taking the premiership, and kills Najib political career, at the same time, lengthening Paklah's regime.

4) If Anwar really wants this case to settle quickly, being a religious person himself, he would have taken the Sumpah dengan Quran idea immediately. Instead, he looks so enthusiastic in going to the court. Apparently, he must have some evidences that he wants to bring forward, in order to shut Najib's mouth, once and for all.

From all the points, and from the points from the previous entry, I tend to think that:
1) Najib stands to lose a lot more from the whole 'conspiracy'.
2) Saiful was chosen by both the PKR & UMNO to bring down Najib.
3) Anwar is co-operating with PakLah's team, to dispel Najib (for something in return?)

Time will tell...